Day in pics: Devotees throng Old Goa feast in large numbers

Feast of St Francis Xavier marked by deep reverence, people pay homage to their loving saint, 'Goemcho Saib'
A sea of devotees at Old Goa.
A sea of devotees at Old Goa. All pics: Sandeep Desai

The High Mass was presided over by the Apostolic Nuncio to India, Reverend Leopoldo Girelli, along with Patriarch Filipe Neri Cardinal Ferrao, Archbishop of Goa and Daman and the Reverend Alwyn Barreto, Bishop of Sindhudurg, as well as other concelebrants.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, his ministerial collegaues and other politicians were also seen at the High Mass.

Filipe Neri Ferrao celebrated the mass as Cardinal for the first time.

Candles, flowers and other offering items at the feast.

A stall selling statues, rosaries and souvenir items in the feast fair.

The traditional 'chonnekars' have also set up their stalls.

'Khajekars' and other sweet vendors also did good business on the feast day.

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