Drunk tourists create ruckus in Chorla Ghat

Locals demand a new police station in the area to curb crimes in the area.
Drunk tourist create ruckus in Chorla Ghat
Drunk tourist create ruckus in Chorla Ghat

The monsoons have certainly blessed the Chorla Ghat with  lush green hills and valleys and cascading waterfalls.  However, drunken tourists travelling from Goa to Karnataka have been creating havoc for other travellers and locals. 

Chorla Ghat is a gift to Goa. In the recent monsoon, m any waterfalls are formed around the Chorla village.  Halli waterfalls are attracting countless tourists from neighbouring states. 

Even during Covid, tourists are entering the state. On their way to Karnataka, these tourists are often seen driving under influence on the narrow streets of Chorla Ghat. Currently, there is a lot of fog in the ghats. So already driving in the area is dangerous. Now with the chaos caused by the drunk tourists other travellers have to suffer. In the light of these incidents, the locals have demanded change. 

New police station required

Crime has increased in Chorla Ghat. Seven years ago, a woman on her way to the village for Ganesh Chaturthi at Chorla was looted by two tourists. 

After that, the then Chief Minister Parsekar had implemented security measures in Chorla Ghat. But since then no such action is taken. Drunken tourists continue causing problems.

Goa and Karnataka need to take joint action to curb crime in Chorla Ghat. Apart from that, there is a need to set up a permanent police outpost, according to passengers.

No entry into Maharashtra

Tourists from many states are denied entry into Maharashtra. So many opt to travel through Goa to reach Maharashtra. These travellers take the Chorla ghat route and are often seen drinking and driving. 

Parmesh Gawkar is a local who feels that there must immediate action to improve the situation. He said "Tourists bring the highest revenue to the state. Therefore, it is accepted that the development of the state is possible, but the riots in the Ghats are affecting the lives of travellers and locals. The government should pay attention to these riots in the Chorla Ghats."

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