e-libraries in Goa's villages? Dream on!

Goa government still has no plans to set up e-libraries in the state of Goa
No plans to set up e-libraries in Goa.
No plans to set up e-libraries in Goa. Gomantak Times

In an era when digitalization is undoubtedly making life easy, Goa still has a lot to adapt and adopt. One such example is the setting up of e-libraries in the villages panchayats of Goa.

At the recently assembly session in the state, the Minister for Art and Culture, Govind Gaude, was asked by MLA of Mandrem Constituency, Jit Arolkar, if the state planned on setting up e-libraires, to which Gaude replied, "Not yet."

No plans to set up e-libraries in Goa.
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He furnished data about the libraries functioning in the state and said that there were 49 Village Panchayat libraries in Goa. "Out of these, 9 are non-functional," he added.

The non-functional village panchayat libraries include village panchayat libraries in Bandora, Betqui Khandola, Parra, Sodiem, Ucassaim, Tamboxem, Tuyem, Keri and Rachol.

When asked by Arolkar if the department was providing the current libraries in the state with updated books, Gaude replied that the department gives financial assistance to the libraries for their expenditure, which includes the purchase of books.

No plans to set up e-libraries in Goa.
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