‘Gosht paishyapanyachi’: Making waves in Marathi publishing

The Marathi tome is among the first three bestsellers on Amazon and is being carried by Crossword Bookstore in Goa
‘Gosht paishyapanyachi’ surpasses all expectations
‘Gosht paishyapanyachi’ surpasses all expectationsGomantak Times

Gosht paishyapanyachi explains economic literacy in extremely simple language. The book has broken many records prior to its official release and has recently earned another milestone. Gosht paishyapanyachi has found a place of prominence at Crossword Bookstore, a major bookshop in Goa.

Businessmen and writer Prafulla Wankhede is the author while Sakal Prakashan has published the book. The book analyses in detail the reasons contributing to poverty or affluence. It presents a new understanding of economics, tossing aside any archaic notions.

Author Prafulla Wankhede has expressed his joy in a tweet about obtaining a significant position at Crossword Bookstores and has attributed this success to his readers. He has also expressed his gratitude to the team of Sakal for all their efforts in making the book a triumph of his career.

“The book’s success is due to the effort put in by the writer,” commented a reader.

‘Gosht paishyapanyachi’ surpasses all expectations
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Record-breaking leap

The book Gosht Paishyapanyachi has been pre-ordered more than 12,600 times before its actual release in the market. Book has also broken a record as one of the first three bestselling books on the e-commerce site Amazon.

In the Marathi publication business, the norm is for a book to have up to 1000 copies of the first edition. But Gosht Paishyapanyachi has nearly 30,000 copies printed of its first edition, which again is a record.  

‘Gosht paishyapanyachi’ surpasses all expectations
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