Need a break? Get Special Leave for Vipassana!

According to a recent circular, State government staff are entitled to Special Leave so as to enable them to attend Vipassana sessions
Need a break? Get Special Leave for Vipassana!
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The State government recently made provisions of special leave for government employees so as to enable them to undergo Vipassana training, free of cost, at the Goa Vipassana Trust (GVT), Porvorim. According to the trust, these ancient meditation techniques are a remedy for a variety of ills.

Discovered by Gautam Buddha, Vipassana is an ancient mindfulness meditation technique involving observation of one’s thoughts and emotions, and can help in the total eradication of mental impurities.

On March 25, 2022, Under Secretary (Personnel II) Nathine Araujo issued a notification that a 14-day special leave can be sanctioned to government employees to attend Vipassana course organised by the Goa Vipassana Trust, Porvorim.

Group A, B officers, section officers in the Secretariat and superintendents outside secretariat and all Group C employees are entitled to avail the Vipassana training once in three years and six times during the entire service.

"Goa Vipassana Trust has introduced Vipassana training as an effective instrument for change and reform in government at all levels. Vipassana, an ancient and scientific meditation technique of India, is non-sectarian and can be practised by all regardless of religion, caste, creed or nationality. There are no fees for the training,” says the notification.

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