Public vigilance and awareness vital to curb cybercrime

DGP says AI and modern technology are being used to track down offenders
Increasing cybercrimes plague the state of Goa.
Increasing cybercrimes plague the state of Goa.Gomantak Times

The alarming rate at which cybercrime is increasing in Goa could eventually negatively impact the state’s identity as an international tourist destination.

Cybercriminals always seem one step ahead, which leaves individuals who are not tech savvy at an added disadvantage. Gullible folks are inevitably exploited by these heartless scam artists, not just financially, but physically and psychologically as well.

Fake social media profiles have been used to gain the trust of victims, usually with a romantic angle. These cybercrime victims are then plied with appeals for money, using sob stories that play on the emotions of the victims.

Unsolved cybercrime cases outnumber the solved ones.
Unsolved cybercrime cases outnumber the solved ones.Gomantak Times

Even prominent personalities have not been spared and have been victimised by having their social media accounts hacked and having obscene content posted there.

In some cases, individuals have been duped into revealing their one-time password or have had their personal information stolen through phishing, resulting in their bank balance being wiped out.

It is no surprise that today’s technology-driven world witnesses exponential growth in cyber-related crimes. Advanced technological tools like AI (Artificial Intelligence) make online criminal activity easy work for the perpetrators.

Increasing cybercrimes plague the state of Goa.
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That the number of pending cybercrime cases far surpasses the ones solved is deplorable. The disparity is disheartening to the victims who have to grapple with a feeling of helplessness, in addition to financial loss and psychological trauma.

The total number of cases from January 2018 till August 2022 in Goa is 112. Of these, only 38 have been cracked by the Goa Police and 56 are yet to be solved.

DGP Jaspal Singh (IPS) had previously informed Gomantak Times that the considerable cybercrimes in Goa were being countered using AI and modern technology to track down offenders.

However, the dearth of solved cases leaves much to be desired. At present the best people can do is educate themselves and their vulnerable loved ones about the various ways they could be trapped and exercise caution during their online activity.

The activity of children and older individuals should especially be monitored as they are the most easily exploited by cybercriminals.

Increasing cybercrimes plague the state of Goa.
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