Storm brings great worry to families, farmers in Shiroda

Storm caused damages worth more than Rs 25 lakhs; Houses collapsed, electricity cuts and crops damaged
Storm brings great worry to families, farmers in Shiroda
Storm brings great worry to families, farmers in ShirodaGomantak Times

Shiroda: Due to heavy unseasonal rains and strong winds, trees in Tarwale, Karai and Shiroda areas were uprooted and about Rs 25 lakh was lost. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

The cyclone hit Tarwale, Mangal, Karai and other parts of Shiroda on Sunday. About 3 lakhs worth of damage was caused when a tree fell on the house of Prakash Naik, a resident of Tarvale. Shiroda resident Krishnananda Lotlikar's house was also badly damaged by the storm. On Shiroda resident Ratnakar Naik's house, branches of mango and chanterelles trees fell and damaged the roof, which caused more than Rs 50,000 worth of damage. Residents of Karai- Shiroda Geeta Gaja Shirodkar, Namdev Shirodkar, Bastianv Rodriguez of Sonale, Mingel Fernandes and a few others have also been financial hit hard by the incident.

Meanwhile, trees fell on power poles, causing power cuts in Karai and Shiroda areas. Maad, mango and fennel trees in the Tarvale area were also uprooted by the storm.

About 28 houses collapsed

The storm destroyed about 28 houses in and around Shiroda and caused Rs 25 lakhs worth of damage, said Sarpanch Amit Shirodkar. Shiroda MLA and Co-operation Minister Subhash Shirodkar said that financial assistance will be provided to the victims through the government. Villages like Bori, Lotli, Rai, Panchwadi, Betoda, and Nirankal have also been hit hard by the storm. Farmers are left with their heads in their palms after mango and cashew crops were destroyed by the storm.

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