YWCA Goa makes huge strides on a national level

The Christian organisation has been working for years to improve the lot of women through its various programmes
Roselle Solomon and Amanda Fernandes (L-R)
Roselle Solomon and Amanda Fernandes (L-R)Pics courtesy: YWCA Goa

In 2011, Goa saw the birth of a new women's Christian movement, founded by Roselle Solomon upon her return from Geneva. Since then, the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Goa has grown by leaps and bounds.

The organisation has predominantly concerned itself with leadership formation for young women, work with marginalised rural communities, nurturing nature, the assertion of Goan cultural heritage and awareness on social questions.

Roselle Solomon and Amanda Fernandes (L-R)
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Through its active profile on social media, the YWCA of Goa has gained national recognition.

In under a decade, the organisation has been established as an important national structure.

Roselle Solomon's elevation to the position of vice president of the National YWCA at the 31st National Convention of the YWCA of India acknowledges the steep climb that the YWCA of Goa has accomplished as a rare success story.

The YWCA of Goa will now pursue the theme “WeMpower- Leaving no one behind” through its programmes.

This implies that the YWCA of Goa will join the National YWCA in working for justice and inclusion in a wide collaboration with movements for transformation.

The YWCA of Goa has also contributed a young woman leader Amanda Fernandes to the YWCA National Board. She has served on the board of the YWCA of Goa with distinction.

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