Goans beware! Your driver's license may get suspended

Warning to drivers: Strict implementation of Motor Vehicle Act from 1st April
Goans beware! Your driver's license may get suspended
Goans beware! Your driver's license may get suspendedGomantak Times

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 Act 2021 will be implemented from April 1. Now the penalty for violating traffic rules will be increased tenfold. The fine for driving without a licence can go up to Rs10,000 and Rs1000-2000 for overspeeding. Apart from this, provision has also been made to suspend the driver's license in some serious cases, informed Transport Director Rajan Satardekar to Gomantak.

In view of the increasing number of vehicle accidents and deaths in the country, the Ministry of Transport of the Union Government has amended the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to enact new acts. The new law also raises the penalty for motor vehicle offenses and might lead to the revocation of driver's licenses. The central government has directed the states to implement the law from April 1 and citizens need to be vigilant in this regard.

The New Penalties

The previous penalty for driving without a helmet as well as a triple seat vehicle was Rs 100. From April 1, penalty will be Rs1000.

Driving without a seatbelt will cost from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000.

Vehicles without insurance now face a fine of Rs 2,000.

A fine of Rs 100 to Rs 1,000 for speeding. A fine of Rs 2,000 for the second offense.

For some of these offenses, there is a provision to suspend the driver's license for a few days.

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