Menace of beggars plague Margao

Police have cracked down on the beggars several times but to no avail.
Menace of beggars plague Margao

All attempts by the Fatorda police to reign in on the menace of beggars have failed to stop the illegal activity in Margao.

There has been an increase in the number of beggars at the Old Market in Margao including child beggars. Vending at the traffic circle has also increased in the area, posing a nuisance to pedestrians and motorists.

Residents and tourists have similar experiences in various areas of Goa where the menace of beggars is rampant. The "temporary visitors" separate themselves into zones to seek charity in large numbers.

Fatorda Police station in charge, PI Kapil Nayak, said a couple of days ago police produced child beggars in front of a Child Welfare Committee and they sent them to a children's home. "The parents when realised that their children have been sent to their children's home, came rushing to the police station," he said.

Police have cracked down on the beggars several times but to no avail. Occasional help has not helped to complete the stop activity. Children and adults take advantage of a traffic signal to gather to approach the occupants of the vehicles.

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