Preyasee Chari, marathon champion at 52!

A shining example of health and endurance, Preyasee has set a high bar for other women in sports and fitness
Preyasee is a fitness example to all women.
Preyasee is a fitness example to all women.Pic courtesy: Preyasee Chari

Goan runner Preyasee Chari has proven that age is just a number.  The talent you possess never fails or fades as long as you keep it alive through practice. Through her persistence, hard work and dedication, Preyasee conquers marathons, ultra-runs and trail runs across India.

A daughter of the village of Loutolim, Preyasee now resides in Gogol with her husband and two sons, who are both doing well in life. The 52-year-old Preyasee is one of the leading names in marathon running. She has many records to her name in full and half marathons, ultra-runs, and trail runs in India.

While many women at this age complain of health issues like knee pain, obesity, body pain, etc, Preyasee has endeavoured to live her dream. Her achievements have surpassed those of men and younger people.

She has many records to her name in full and half marathons, ultra-runs, and trail runs in India.
She has many records to her name in full and half marathons, ultra-runs, and trail runs in India.Pic courtesy: Preyasee Chari

A pioneer of sorts in the field of sports, Preyasee is a vibrant example of health and fitness for other women to follow. Her achievements show that one should not allow housework to mire one down. Working hard on one’s talents can lead to success. 

Preyasee was not an athlete in school. She began her journey by wanting to make herself physically fit. This then became her hobby, and many of her friends motivated her to take on marathon running.

Taekwondo trainer Angela de Abreu also supported her in her journey. Preyasee became an expert yoga trainer as well.

A winner all the way!
A winner all the way!Pic courtesy: Preyasee Chari

In the year 2020, she won first place at the Mumbai Stadium in a 24-hour running competition of 124 km in the general category. Despite having to run through a forested and rocky terrain in the year 2019 in an ultramarathon competition of 50 km in Kolhapur, she stood first.

Similarly, she successfully completed a half-marathon at Satara and Bison ultramarathons at Chennai.

In today’s fast world, people seldom exercise or participate in vigorous sporting activities. This is obvious, especially in the case of women. Preyasee stands as a fantastic example for women who stay away from fitness and sports, citing gender and age as a reason.

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