Stirring the communal cauldron

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Thursday, 5 March 2020

Delhi riots - A blot on Indian democracy

My blood boils-watching the TV these days. There is nothing but nightmarish thoughts about Delhi’s riots that have the world glued at.

The dastardly gruesome murders, burning of schools and looting have brought misery to the innocent citizens of India. These riots of its worst kind after the Gujarat riots in 2002, has once again killed and maimed hundreds of innocent people by sheer mob’s frenzy. And what a black day it was of India’s history of hate yet again. India as a nation, failed to learn lessons from the past.

And shall never learn it unless and unless the bigots and hate mongers are uprooted from Indian soil, though it is a distant dream the way the present political situation is prevailing. It’s the present political dispensation that is responsible for these daylight murders.

But given the present scenario, the hand-in-glove of the fascists has resurfaced yet again. The born fascists and hate mongers are on the prowl now in Delhi. Could this be a direct result of losing the recent state assembly elections? And thus defame the AAP government?

What sin did the victims commit to receiving such brutal punishment at the hands of the cowards? Why did the authorities in power fail these innocent citizens? Why did the victims have to die prematurely of their prime life?

Yet again, here we see the institutions responsible for the safety of our own citizens failing us to protect when it mattered the most. Shame on those who are sitting in the corridors of power. India’s home minister has his hands full of victims’ blood. If any decency left in him, he should graciously resign and every effort has to be made to bring the perpetrators to face justice.

The way the schools were targeted and burnt, show the inhuman behavior of the perpetrators. It's nothing short of a cowardly act-the act by those who never pledged their conscience to humanity. These cowards who never recited the pledge enshrined in our Constitution. These cowards’ minds and souls had been overcharged with hatred-to unleash vengeance, kill, loot and plunder at will while the real masters of these senseless killing were sitting pretty cool.

This great planning and time have chosen to unleash the terror of its worst kind needs to be thoroughly investigated. Here again, every institution of the country be it judiciary-police force-universities-etc, etc are being saffronized and hence this chaos we witness all over the country.

While the greatest and powerful President of USA was hosted by our prime minister, the city itself was set ablaze to burn and kill the innocent citizens who dreamt of just another day of their life. But sadly no power on earth could hear nor see their plight in which they were terrorized and burnt and killed our own citizens. The gifting of three wise men to the President was a perfect gift by the Prime Minister which only showed his true colors and symbolized that one should not hear, nor talk and listen. A very fitting ‘motto’ that our prime minister gifted to the guest of honor.

Now that the history has been rewritten of the dark period, the very intention of the police was exposed once again failing to help to those it mattered the most. Their inaction is rightfully questionable. There will be innumerable excuses and counters.
But, obeying their political masters was their prime duty or to extend and protect citizens from distress? It has been a norm in today’s political system to serve the political master first which has degenerated the very integrity of our police force.
This pattern of killing and destruction unleashed in the capital city speaks volumes of hatred they have by those who propagate on public platforms. It’s the politicians who protect, nurture these mobs to unleash terror unto the innocent citizens of our country.

What are we teaching to the younger generations with these cowards unleashing terror among the communities?

The truth and justice for these crimes will never see the light of the day because it’s the agenda of the political party to terrorize the people who dissented against their opinion. The blood-bath that we saw today will never be forgiven for generations to come unless and until the political party that has deep roots in uprooting the minorities change their behavior for good and embrace all communities into their fold and treat every individual as an Indian citizen.

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