Oil and water

Joao Barros-Pereira
Monday, 3 February 2020

Grease a hand or two or three to get your job done

No matter how much we may try to convince ourselves - greed and God - don’t get on well together. They are not friends; maybe enemies. It is a virus - spiritual pollution worse than Sonsoddo - no matter how we may try to rationalise it. And no matter how much Ganga holy water or Church holy water we pour on ourselves it will clean only our outward skin. As they say, it is skin deep.
Even if we make a number of grand pujas or visit famous churches or mosques it will not give us peace of mind or silent heart.
Go to any government department in Goa and you will have to grease a hand or two or three to get your job done. Now, this is as much a fact as greed and God. Who is to blame?
The government workers have paid their due respect to the big-hearted politicians who gave them their jobs in the first place; and so, they request the public to repay the homage given to our honourable elected representatives. They expect us - the citizen - to grease their palms.
Is this arrogance?
You don’t need to believe in God to unravel this mystery nor go to a mind reader or astrologer to solve this problem. The logic is simple:
I paid the politician, and now you pay me. No, they are not being arrogant these public servants - they are only
asking for justice. Poor fellows. The politicians respond by decorating the government departments with cameras from time to time to keep a watch on them. Big Brother is Watching You! Can there be a bigger level of hypocrisy than this?
Fortunately for the government servants the cameras break down sooner than later or are made to disappear by some mysterious power in the universe. Can we ever respect the politicians and their progeny - the governments servants - for creating this wonderful cycle of
And will we ever be able to thank these great representatives - men and women who will be in tomorrow’s history books?
The citizen is helpless other than to grease the palm that rules the world or have their job buried deep in an archaeological graveyard.
Some choice, this.

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