On village and urban area

Joao Barros-Pereira
Monday, 17 February 2020

Do you want your village to become an urban area?

Bainguim will solve the problem of entire Tiswadi. The government is on the right track,” said Garbage Waste Management Minister.
With all due respect Minister Lobo I do not agree with your statement at all. The government is on the wrong track and about to get derailed if it is not careful enough. As we all know the village is at the heart of Goan identity and this identity is going to be destroyed by you. Look at Calangute in your own constituency. It is the most overbuilt village in Goa and the ugliest.

Is it your dream to see the 40 villages in Goa which have suddenly been notified as urban areas become Calangutes? Isn’t it enough we have one ugly overbuilt Calungute - do we need another 40?

Bainguim is not the only way to solve the problem of garbage for the entire Tiswadi. We can have several garbage management plants instead of one big plant.

Obviously, one big garbage management plant goes hand in hand with the sudden government’s notification of 40 villages into urban areas.
The villagers are fighting not only to save their own villages but all villages in Goa. On this everyone has the same opinion, everyone is united. Only the builders lobby and politicians are in favour for reasons which need no explanation.

Give peace a chance, and allow the villages to remain villages. If this is your dream enjoy Calangute but there is no need to destroy another 40 villages.

People who generate garbage need to manage their own garbage is your observation, and you are right! Absolutely right.

Demarcate their boundaries and put up small garbage manage systems on a scientific basis. Scientific does not mean mega management garbage plants. People cannot be fooled this easily.

Getting funds for development from the Center when a village is changed into an urban area is pouring fuel on fire. The people want their villages to remain as villages not only on paper. That is the ground reality.

We will not allow our village character to be changed to an urban look. That the villagers of Goa will not allow to happen under any circumstance. No way.

I request you not to declare war on the people of Goa who live in their villages. We already have a pot on the boil. We need
firefighters to put out the fire and not people who want to start another fire.

Give the people your ear and listen carefully to what they have to say - for the good of Goa. I am sure you have the good of Goa at heart and will nothing to harm them or Goa.

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