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Whatsappshare module provides a link to share your page and custom text after node title of every page.
Once enable the module then go to /admin/config/services/whatsappshare page.
Whatsappshare module provides a admin page to customized -
1. Text (Share) which will appear after title on every node page.
2. An option to manage the size of whatsapp share button size.
3. The custom text which has to be share.


1. Everything is configured properly still I am not getting whatsapp share button.
Please check on mobile device bro! Button will not appear in PC browser.
Javascript will detect the device automatic and render the link.

2. Can I add custom CSS and JS.
Try it yourself. Currently it is tested on default theme only.

3. Share button is coming on every node page including login also.
Yes JS script is configured in such a way that it will search id "#page-title" on every page and add whatsapp share link. You can update this from /admin/config/services/whatsappshare.

4. Can I move the whatsapp share link on the page.
Yes, Now in 7.x-2.0 version is having option to update the location where you want to move whatsapp share button from /admin/config/services/whatsappshare. By default it will render after your title on every page.

5. Can I insert class also on the place of id from admin panel.
Yes, you can update class as well, ex ".mycustomclass".

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