How to get your car washed with half-a-litre of water

Swachh Car, a door-step car wash service in Pune, uses eco-friendly methods to clean vehicles leaving them spic and span.

In a city where there’s enough pollution to dirty your car if you take it out for a spin, and water shortage that won’t allow you to wash your vehicle on a daily basis, what do you do? Brainstorming to come up with a solution for such a problem, college mates Varun Jadhav and Tushar Mergu, along with two other friends from their batch, came up with the idea to form a start-up called Swachh Car. This door-step car wash service promises to leave your car spic-n-span with the use of not more than half-a-litre of water. 

“When you wash your car at home, it takes about 150 litres of water, considering the high pressure required to get off all the tough stains. We cannot afford to ignore the fact that Pune has water problem, and even if we keep this aside, it is a lot of wastage of water. We wanted to come up with an eco-friendly plan to clean a car without such wastage,” says Jadhav. 

After graduating in Electrical Engineering from Modern College in 2015, these freshers put together all their savings and launched their business in June last year. 

But the question that would intrigue you is how do they do it with so little water? 

“We use eco-friendly shampoo and chemicals to loosen the tough dirt stains on the car exterior and then spray water when needed and wipe away. Not only does this method save water but it also protects the car paint. When you use high pressure of water to wash the car, it erodes the paint and causes damage to the exterior of the four-wheeler,” says Jadhav. 

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