Tale of two cities- Part 2

Their crackling chemistry and hilarious but prickly exchange on the two cities had catapulted Mukta Barve and Swwapnil Joshi and the movie — Mumbai Pune Mumbai — to heights of popularity. And, this Diwali (on November 12) its much-awaited sequel is going to release, hoping to garner similar popularity. 

The Mumbai Pune Mumbai - 2 Lagnala Yaychach (MPM 2) takes the story of two youngsters forward — them getting married and exploring human relations. Says Satish Rajwade, director of the movie, “We didn’t plan to do the sequel just for the sake of it. We wanted to make the movie because we were sure that we had to offer something more from the previous part. I was writing the story for two years and the one you’re going to see in this movie is the 32nd draft of it.”

The first part came out in 2010 and the sequel is coming five years from then. In the first part, two youngsters, representing different cities and differing outlooks, were thrown in together and they fell in love. 

“In the sequel, the characters plan to get married, meet each other’s families, get involved in bigger celebrations and also explore human relations. The storyline is not confined to two cities. We tried to trace their emotional graph and thought process in this film,” he adds. 

Interestingly, in a departure from the previous film, the characters get a name in the sequel. Satish explains, “The two characters were not named in the first part, because I wanted every girl and boy to relate to them. Giving them a name would have given them identity, which was not necessary for the first part.”

Mukta, who plays Gauri, and Swwapnil, who essays the role of Gautam, too were keen to explore the story of the girl from Mumbai and the boy from Pune further. Says Mukta, “Visiting those characters again for a second time was great. We love them just as much as the audience does and were curious to know what happens to this girl from Mumbai and the boy from Pune.”

Swwapnil adds that while shooting for MPM, they didn’t know that they would work again together for the second part. 

“I am acting in my first sequel. While we were making MPM, we didn’t know that MPM 2 might actually happen. This was a unique opportunity for me to visit my character again. And Satish ensured that we did not lose sight of our original characters — Mumbai and Pune. In real life, I am from Mumbai, while Mukta is from Pune. So while filming, we always guided each other. Mukta would tip me on a Pune boy’s characteristics, while I would help her in getting a Mumbai girl’s attitude right. In the process, we got to know the cities better.”

The movie, which is primarily for youth, talks about love. 

“MPM 2 is for and of the youth. Love is a universal factor and all those who have been, are or want to fall in love, are bound to love this movie,” adds Satish.

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