Being 'susegad', the art of balancing life and work the Goan way

On World Mental Health Day let's take a look at the concept of 'susegad' in Goa

It’s exhausting. Trying to keep up to client deadlines, working that overtime, canceling those monthly friendly-meet ups, lying exhausted on your bed at 3 pm but failing to sleep—just that routine hustle each day, is exhausting.

The pressures the current generations’ face, the 'rush' to get things done is all taking a toll--physically and also mentally. Illnesses like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders are today topping the health problems faced globally.

So this, mental health day we are here to tell you to slow down. Be that ‘susegad goenkar’, living life at your place. For as much as the world tells you there’s no time, what’s the point if you’ve missed on the simple joys of life.

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