Dhvani Bhanushali rocks the show in Goa

Performing on the first day of Goa Cashew Fest at DB Ground, Panjim, Dhvani Bhanushali shares her deep love for Goa, music and more

Have you listened to Thank you God, Vaste, or Leja Leja? If so, you're already familiar with Dhvani Bhanushali, who needs no introduction. She's one of the country's youngest music sensations, who has captivated audiences with her trending hits.

In a conversation with GT, she expresses her excitement about performing for the first time at a concert in Goa. Dhvani shares how Goa is her all-time getaway, a peaceful place she loves to be.

Dhvani also reflects on how her love for music blossomed at the age of 13 when she joined the school choir. From there, she ventured into starting her own YouTube channel, where she began releasing popular hits.

During the interview, the singer also shares her favourite songs that resonate with her audience.

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