Food that's love at first bite at these restaurants in Panjim

Indulge in the culinary treasures of Panjim at the iconic Panjim Inn and Viva Panjim.

Here comes the second part of our food trail with Make It Happen; we delved into the culinary treasures of Panjim's two oldest restaurants – Panjim Inn and Viva Panjim.

At Panjim Inn, we savoured the traditional 'Rechaddo Bangddo,' a dish of stuffed with spicy 'rechaddo' masala.

Our gastronomic adventure then led us to Viva Panjim, another culinary gem renowned for its Goan-Portuguese cuisine. There, we relished the delectable 'cafreal,' a spicy meat dish, followed by the comforting 'caldin,' a savoury stew.

Finally, we indulged in the queen of desserts, the 'bebinca,' a multi-layered Goan delicacy that left us craving for more.

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