From cashew to cup: The traditional art of extracting 'niro' in Goa

In this episode of 'Goan Appetit', host Alroy Fernandes journeys to Raia, in South Goa, to witness the extraction of cashew juice, the traditional way

Looking for the best niro in South Goa? Head to SVD Seminary in Raia, where they have been extracting niro for over half a century!

In this episode of Goan Appetit, host Alroy Fernandes, travels to the village of Raia, in South Goa, to learn more about extracting cashew juice, locally called niro.

The episode showcases the process, beginning with collecting cashews from the hills and bringing them to the processing unit. At the unit, the nut is separated from the fruit, and any spoilt fruits are discarded.

The cashew apples are then crushed and placed in wooden baskets. Weights are piled on top of the fruits so as to extract the juice, which is then filtered and distributed.

In conversation with Alroy, Fr Cateano, from the SVD Seminary, explains the process of extraction and loads more, while also informing that niro is available after 3 pm.

Watch this video to know more.

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