Get bedazzled at these 4 monsoon festivals of Goa

The coastal State is rife with festivities during rains, and they are celebrated in true Goan spirit by leaping into a well, splashing about in mud, float parades and more

Monsoon in Goa isn't just about rains and lush green landscapes. It's also the time when the State is littered with lively festivals, showcasing its rich culture and traditions. Here are four must-experience celebrations that will make you ditch the beach and umbrella for a festive headgear:

  1. Sao Joao (June 24): This lively celebration honours St John, the Baptist, with a unique tradition - where locals joyfully jumping into wells. Witness the festive spirit in Benaulim, Anjuna, Siolim (boat parade after 3 PM), and Pilerne. As night falls, embrace the rain shower, don the floral headgear 'kopel' and revel at Sao Joao parties and rain dances.

  2. Sangodd (June 29): Celebrate the feast of St Peter and Paul, particularly significant for Goa's fisherfolks. Grand celebrations are in the offing at Candolim, Ribandar, Assolna and Divar.

  3. Chikal Kalo (July 17/18): In Marcel village, witness a playful take on Lord Krishna devotion. Followed by prayers to Lord Krishna and Devaki (Krishna's mother), devotees, lathered in oil, indulge in mud games for nearly an hour, re-enacting Krishna's childhood playfulness, This festival also pays a tribute to Mother Earth. Both adults and children revel in the mud bath with infectious energy.

  4. Bonderam (August 24): The quaint and quiet Divar Island is stirred to life twice during Bonderam, held in two of its villages. Immerse yourself in Goa's rich culture and heritage as you watch the colourful parade of floats pass by you, leaving you bedazzled.

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