Goa: The Making Of A State

Watch statehood special video 'Goa: The Making Of A State' to know what went into the making of Goa and how the state has developed over the years

The liberation of Goa is a well-known event in the history of Goa as it is the day when Goa finally ceased to be a Portuguese colony after almost 500 years of colonial rule.

But, for Goans, 1987 is an equally important year, and it is on May 30, 1987 that Goa attained statehood. Before that, Goa had been a union territory of India for several decades.

For centuries, Goa had been under the rule of various empires including the Bhojas, Kadambas, Silharas, Vijayanagara, Adil Shahi, and finally, the Portuguese.

Post Liberation, the struggles for freedom and a unique Goan identity continued. The referendum of 1967 was a defining moment in the history of Goa, and gave the people of Goa the option of merger with neighbouring Maharashtra. They vehemently voted against the merger. That, in effect, set the ball rolling for a separate state of Goa.

Over the course of time, the battles have changed. There's no doubt that Goa has come a long way since its liberation. But, there is so much more that the state badly needs. From culture to rights to heritage, the people of Goa are still fighting an uphill battle for their own unique identity.

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