Grandson Solomon shares artistic journey & memories of FN Souza

Muralist Solomon Souza, whose murals adorn Panjim, shares his artistic journey as well as the legacy of FN Souza, who has left behind a profound impact on the world of art

In conversation with GT, muralist Solomon Souza, grandson of the renowned Goan artist, FN Souza, reflects on returning to Goa to honour and celebrate the centenary of his late grandfather.

Delving into cherished memories and profound artistic lessons, passed down through generations, Solomon paints a vivid picture of FN Souza's legacy — a pioneer and driving force behind the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group.

Solomon's Ongoing Mural Project

He also discusses his own artistic journey, which intertwines with Goa's rich history, as he unveils his ongoing project — a magnificent mural paying homage to famed Goan freedom fighter, Libia Lobo Sardesai.

Libia, an important figure in Goa's liberation movement, celebrates her 100th birthday this May, marking a significant milestone in the State's history. Solomon's tribute captures her indomitable spirit and enduring legacy, resonating across generations.

Captivating Murals by Solomon Souza

For Solomon, the capital city of Goa is his canvas, where he breathes life into the cityscape with captivating murals. From the soulful melodies of Goan fadista, Sonia Shirsat, to the pioneering achievements of ace cricketer Dilip Sardesai, Solomon's artwork celebrates the diverse personalities of Goa.

Solomon's Call for Peace and Recognition

Despite spending most of his life in Israel and London, Solomon remains deeply rooted in his Goan heritage, advocating for global peace and unity through art.

Supporting Artists in Their Lifetime

As Solomon reflects on his artistic journey, he emphasises the importance of supporting and appreciating artists during their lifetime. Too often, recognition comes only posthumously, leaving artists to struggle in obscurity.

Solomon urges the Goan community to embrace its artists and provide them with the resources and recognition they deserve, fostering a thriving creative ecosystem for generations to come.

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