Mahashivratri in an abandoned Goan village

Here is how this village in Goa celebrates Mahashivratri

Located deep within the forests of the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Western Ghats, and far from the golden beaches of Goa, lies the ancient village of Zadani, a hidden world which comes alive during the festival of Mahashivratri.

It is said that back in those days, Zadani was a thriving village but due to the increase in the cases of plague and other epidemics, people began to migrate and abandoned the place.

Many years later, when a few trekkers were on a trek, they came across the Shiva Lingam and Nandi and other statues of deities. They then, celebrated Mahashivratri there, and ever since then, people from not just Goa, but neighbouring states as well, have been flocking to the place especially during Mahashivratri.

They come here, to this village, a day before mahashivratri and stay here overnight and perform various rituals. It is said that whoever prays for a life partner, or any other intercession, their prayers are answered. And, they have to come back the following year to thank Lord Shiva.

The village is located in the Wildlife Sanctuary of Mhadei which is considered to be the giver of life to one of the most diverse ecosystem on the planet.

A trek to this place is a memorable experience, but people would be required to walk for nearly a hour or more in order to get there.

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