Matoli: A Goan way to connect with nature

In this video, let's learn about the significance of matoli and how it's made in Goa

In Goa, the ‘matoli’ is an interesting concept that gets one close to nature. It is basically a wooden canopy that is hung above the idol of Ganesha and is decorated with seasonal wildflowers, fruits, roots leaves and creepers.

A few days before the Ganesh festival, the locals head to the interior of the forest to source 'matoli' items such as kangla, matti, fagla (Momordica dioica), kevan and triphala. In addition to that, a variety of gourds, pumpkins, bananas and seasonal vegetables are also sourced.

And, in this list of matoli items, you will also find coconuts and areca nuts.

Most of these matoli items have high medicinal properties. Through this practice, one is able to get close to nature and understand ecology better.

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