Rob's journey to embrace Goa's soul

Watch this episode of sun, sand & celebs with GT to uncover the story of how childhood star Rob made the life-changing decision to move to Goa and call it his home

Meet Harun Robert, aka Rob, the beloved host of M.A.D (Music Art Dance) on PoGo channel, who found more than just a home in Goa where he discovered a soulful connection.

Today, after six years, he finds joy in savouring local delicacies by the riverside and exploring the hidden gems of Goan villages.

During one of his cycling journeys in 2023, Rob stumbled upon a unique way to capture Goa’s beauty without traditional art supplies. Utilising pebbles as his canvas, he adorned them with his creativity, inspired by the untouched allure of village life. Thus, stone cards from Goa were born, a testament to Rob's passion for showcasing Goa's rustic charm to the world.

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