Salt of the earth: A journey into Goa's salt-making village

Across Goa, salt pans shimmer under the sun, a testament to a time-honoured tradition. Watch this video to find out more about this fascinating activity ...

In several villages across Goa, traditional salt pans shimmer under the sun at this time of year.

At the heart of these lies Batim, a village where families carry on the legacy of salt making. This episode of Goan Appetit delves into the meticulous process of extracting this precious mineral.

We witness the dedication required, not just for cooking, but for uses beyond the kitchen. Rock salt, as we discover, finds purpose in preserving food, soothing a sore throat, and even construction!

Guadalupe D'Souza, a traditional salt maker, guides us through the journey. It all begins in November with the drying of salt pans and the construction of bunds (earthen walls). These bunds are then filled with seawater, and the evaporation begins, leaving behind a bounty of salt crystals.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Goan salt, from its creation to its diverse applications.

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