Eman Ahmed faces cardiac, urinary tract issues: Doctors at Abu Dhabi hospital

Eman Ahmed faces cardiac, urinary tract issues: Doctors at Abu Dhabi hospital

Eman Ahmed, the 36-year-old Egyptian national, suffers from several serious health issues including those concerning the heart and urinary tract. Ahmed was widely considered to be the world’s heaviest woman until she underwent a bariatric surgery and other operations at the Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. Ahmed, who hails from Alexandria in Egypt, was in Mumbai for three months until she was transported to Abu Dhabi for further treatment.

According to official spokesperson of VPS healthcare, Eman suffers from urinary tract infection called urosepsis and heart condition termed as aortic regurgitation along with third degree bed sores.

Shaimaa Selim, Eman’s younger sister, ​told the Indian Express from Abu Dhabi, “She is much better now and waves around at nurses. My family is going to visit us here in few days and both of us are excited to meet them.” Selim added that Eman has a deep bed sore amongst smaller sores found on her body. “She also suffers from secondary cardiac problems. Doctors are currently monitoring and stabilising all parameters,” she added.

Nurses at Saifee hospital claim that care was taken in turning her around on bed at least twice a day, however, the 36-year-old had bed sores at time of discharge from the Mumbai-based hospital. While her creatinine levels were brought down from 3 mg/dL to below 1 mg/dL, and kidney functions were stabilised during three month hospitalisation, she continues to suffer urinary tract infection. She also had secondary cardiac problems that were diagnosed in Mumbai and was put under medication for the same.

At Burjeel Hospital, the treatment to stabilise all these medical conditions is now continuing. According to hospital authority, she has been admitted in intensive care unit. A team of 20 specialists is monitoring her condition . A long term management plan will soon be devised to treat her.

Ahmed’s departure from Saifee Hospital was marked by controversy as her sister Shaimaa accused the hospital of using Ahmed for publicity gains. But the doctors at the hospital maintained that they had done their duty and had significantly reduced Ahmed’s weight from over 450 kilograms to 170 kilograms. Allowing unfettered access to the media as Ahmed was wheeled out from the hospital was also raised by her sister.

Selim later told the Times of India newspaper that her sister ‘looked happy after a long time’ after she was admitted to the Abu Dhabi hospital.

Ahmed suffers from elephantiasis, a condition that causes the limbs and other body parts to swell leaving her immobile and has not been out of bed for the last 25 years.

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