When the 'chakras' are out of alignment, it can wreak havoc on the body
When the 'chakras' are out of alignment, it can wreak havoc on the bodyGomantak Times

Looking for alternative therapies? Try 'chakra' healing on your next visit to Goa

'Chakra' healing might sound like a load of mumbo jumbo, but Dr Rajendra Doiphode, who is has been a practitioner for over two decades, thinks otherwise.

Spiritual and chakra healing doesn’t have modern scientific understanding, and there’s no medical evidence that this form of hands-on polarity therapy facilitates the even flow of energy through nerve plexus or chakras. Originating somewhere between 1500-500 BC, it is mentioned in the Vedas, and also found in several Upanishads.

In Sanskrit, chakra – meaning wheels – are psychic energy centers of free-flowing positive energy of the body, and is prominent in the occult physiological practices of certain forms of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism. Since the 1880s, multiple sources in the West have mentioned the seven main energy centers in the body, which have different functions, and are believed to be useful in relieving various ailments.

It is essential to keep all chakras open, to enable energy to run freely, enabling harmony between the physical body, mind and spirit. Each one is connected to specific elements, colours, healing stones and yoga mudras (poses) to adapt when meditating on a certain chakra, which develops at a specific age.


Dr Rajendra Doiphode, a practitioner of natural therapy, based in Chicalim, is qualified in chakra healing, acupressure, magnetic therapy and meditation. He came from Nagpur to Goa, in 1996, and has helped numerous people ever since.

“Children with autisms and ‘special children’ have benefited from the treatments. I don’t charge underprivileged parents, who are already stressed out. Seeing the joy on their faces, and their gratitude is my reimbursement. Most of my patients have been cured of migraine,” he expounds on chakra healing, known as Kundali healing, that opens the blocked chakras. “Like meditation, you can perform it daily or weekly, for around 20 minutes. Sit on the floor (preferred position) or lie flat, and start focusing on your breath. The most important aspect of chakra cleansing is your space.”
There are seven chakras in the body:

Dr Rajendra Doiphode (right) has been practicing chakra healing in Goa for over two decades at his clinic in Vasco (left)
Dr Rajendra Doiphode (right) has been practicing chakra healing in Goa for over two decades at his clinic in Vasco (left)Gomantak Times

MULADHARA: Tail bone; represents our foundation. We sit on the base of the spine, which gives the feeling of being grounded. An open chakra imparts confidence to withstand challenges, controls survival issues, financial independence and diet. If blocked, one feels threatened and unstable.

  • Element: earth; Colour: red; Stone: hematite

  • Develops between 1-7 years of age

  • Yoga pose: Warrior

SWADHISTHANA: Sacral chakra; situated 2” below the naval, and controls the sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, relates to emotions, governs creativity and sexual energy. A blocked chakra imparts lack of control in life.

  • Element: water; Colour: orange; Stone: tiger's eye

  • Develops between 8-12 years

  • Yoga pose: Bound angle pose

MANIPURA: Solar plexus chakra; enables the ability to be confident and in control of your life, express self-worth, confidence and self-esteem. Blocked chakra induces overwhelming shame and self-doubt.

  • Element: fire; Colour: yellow; Stone: amber

  • Develops between 15-21 years

  • Yoga pose: Boat pose

ANAHATA: Heart chakra; located in the center of the chest, above the heart, is the bridge between the lower chakras associated with materiality, and upper chakra’s spirituality. When open, you experience deep compassion, empathy, love, joy and inner peace, and an ability to give and receive love from others. Blocked chakras will created difficulty in opening up to people.

  • Element: air; Color: green; Stone: rose quartz

  • Develops between 21-28 years

  • Yoga pose: Camel pose

VISHUDDHA: Throat chakra; gives voice to the heart chakra, controls the ability to communicate honestly. Those with a blocked chakra don’t look you in the eye when speaking to you, and constantly concoct lies to justify the previous lie.

  • Element: Sound/music; Color: light blue/turquoise; Stone: aquamarine

  • Develops between 29-35 years

  • Yoga pose: Fish pose

ANJA: Eye chakra; the eye of the soul, communicates with the divine, controls depiction and intuition, registers information beyond the surface level, controls wisdom, intuition, imagination. Directly related to the pineal gland, controls sleep and connection to a higher power.

  • Element: light; Color: dark blue/purple; Stone: amethyst

  • Develops between 36-42 years of age

  • Yoga pose: Child's pose

SAHASRARA: Crown chakra; the highest chakra, represents the ability to connect with spiritually, access to a higher consciousness, controls inner and outer attractiveness; it’s a vessel for love and light which few people have.

  • Element: divine consciousness; Color: violet/white; Stone: clear quartz

  • Develops between 43-49 years

  • Yoga pose: Headstand

How do you know if a chakra is out of alignment? Certain physical symptoms can be a giveaway; but, it can be hard to decipher what's going on emotionally and mentally. You can balance your own chakars; but, working with a reiki master would make better sense, as they have the expertise to impart concentrated healing.

Some people heal in just one or two sessions. For others, it could take weeks, or a few months. As the blockages are released, patients experience a rebalancing process that may evoke a variety of emotions or physical sensations like fatigue, anger, sadness, emptiness, light headedness, sensations of warmth or tingling, disorientation and some temporary discomfort.

Like other forms of spiritual healing, if a person isn't fully prepared for the experience, some may encounter long-term negative and other side effects.

WHERE: Goa Multi Health Center, Naturopathy Clinic, Chicalim

CONTACT: 0832-9867025

When the 'chakras' are out of alignment, it can wreak havoc on the body
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