8 reasons to visit DDHYANA-The Wellness Centre in Goa

Transform your life through holistic healing
The Wellness Center located in Campal, Panjim
The Wellness Center located in Campal, PanjimPhoto: Roxanne D'silva

Tired of all the hustle and bustle in your daily life? Looking for a holistic wellness getaway? Look no further! Visit DDHYANA - The Wellness Centre, located at Campal, Panjim- North Goa.

DDHYANA is all about having a balance of a healthy mind and body, and about having emotional fortitude. The wellness centre is a retreat and research centre which provides hundred per cent pure vegetarian food that is absolutely delicious. 

What’s better than having a wellness retreat combined with wholesome meals under the same roof?

At DDHYANA, you can experience various modalities of wellness such as yogaAyurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, cupping, mental health counselling, energy healing, tarot cards, and diet and nutrition management. Here you will find a synthesis of holistic sciences to help you find inner peace, away from your hectic life. 

Here are 8 well-being services that DDHYANA – The Wellness Centre offers you to achieve your health goals. 

There are different sections under Ayurveda at the centre.

These are yoga and naturopathy, which is a combination of traditional practices and healthcare approaches. 

1. Ayurveda 

At DDHYANA, you will receive Ayurveda Shastra which aims to keep an individual healthy and heal them of ailments that manifest in them. This holistic approach to health and personalised medicine is known to be a complete medical system, comprising physical, psychological, philosophical, ethical and spiritual health. 

The Ayurvedic treatment provided at DDHYANA will not only help you with your overall health but will also deal with specific ailments that affect your body like diabetes, vertigo, lifestyle disorders and many more chronic ailments. They also deal with post-surgical treatments, which include therapeutic massage, panchakarmashiro-dhara and many others. 

The Wellness Center located in Campal, Panjim
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2.  Yoga 

We all know that yoga is an ancient spiritual, physical and mental practice. Yoga does more than just burn calories and strengthen muscles. Here at DDHYANA, with the help of certified and trained yoga instructors, you will get to learn about pratyahara and dharana. There are daily classes that are conducted in the morning as well as in the evening


According to Ayurveda, good digestion starts with healthy eating. The centre has in-house dieticians who help you come up with a good diet plan based on your prakriti or body type.

The kitchen at DDHYANA caters to all with healthy vegetarian and vegan meals. The food is satvic (meaning “light” or “purity” in Sanskrit). Therefore, the diet is considered the purest and life-giving for the body.

The chefs are guided by the doctors and dieticians as to the special diet ingredients that are required by clients. They go by the motto “Food is your medicine”.

The Wellness Center located in Campal, Panjim
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The benefit of acupuncture is that it can increase your body’s productivity. It may also reduce the physical and emotional impact of an unhealthy or stressful environment.

According to Ayurveda, acupuncture therapy is said to stimulate body circulation, and the lymphatic and hormonal systems.

Acupuncture can help alleviate problems like migraines, joint pain, insomnia, back pain and so on.

5. Counselling 

Counselling is a mental health discipline which includes aspects of guidance and psychotherapy. At DDHYANA, they focus on preventive healthcare as well as health promotion with a specific focus on diet and lifestyle through traditional Ayurveda practices.

The psychologists, psychiatrists and experts at DDHYANA will assist you by understanding the problems which stress you and will in turn suggest various techniques to overcome these problems with tools such as tarot cards, astrology readingVastu consultancy and many more modalities.

The Wellness Center located in Campal, Panjim
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6. Cupping 

For those who are not well-versed with the term “cupping”, it is an ancient theory where a therapist puts small cups onto your body creating a suction effect, which in turn helps the body’s blood circulation.

There are many benefits of cupping therapy as it helps relieve you of migraines, dental pain, joint pain, etc. Since cupping therapy helps in blood circulation, it helps with conditions like rheumatism, lumbago, stiff neck and frozen shoulder.

7. Energy healing 

Energy healing is said to be a very powerful therapy. It helps you connect with the inner vibrancy of your soul which makes it possible to transform physical, emotional and mental dysfunction into health and well-being. 

The Wellness Center located in Campal, Panjim
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Acupressure is the science of applying light pressure on a certain area or on points of the body that correspond to various organs and muscles. It stimulates the body's circulation and the lymphatic and hormonal systems. 

A few diseases that acupressure helps relieve is Bell’s palsy, paralysis, stroke, spondylosis and vertigo. It increases immunity and concentration. 

“The most common visits by clients are for anxiety issues, depression and weight loss,” says Dr Shilpa Raghava, who is an Ayurvedic doctor and yoga therapist. She suggests that the minimal time frame for one to stay at the retreat centre is 3 days so you can become familiar with everything that happens at the centre.

A highlight of DDHYANA is the pure vegetarian canteen called Mithara (which means “the action of moderate eating of food”). They not only cater to the residents staying at the retreat centre but walk-in customers as well. 

The Wellness Center located in Campal, Panjim
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Currently, the canteen only functions on a reservation basis since it believes in serving freshly cooked food. Mithara highly promotes its millet thali which is a must-try according to Dr Shilpa. So if you plan to visit DDHYANA, don’t forget to make a reservation. 

Accommodation is provided, and those who make a reservation at the retreat centre get a complimentary massage session, satvic breakfast and udvartanama session (powder massage).

There are, however, a set of rules that go with residing at DDHYANA. Alcohol, smoking and non-vegetarian food will not be tolerated. 


WHERE: Off Parade Grounds, Bal Bhavan Road No 1, behind Bal Bhavan, Campal, Panaji, Goa.


CONTACT: https://ddhyana.in/

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