Five reasons to explore Goa, now!

Goa is that one plan that is known to almost always fail. But, here are five reasons to make that change and head here right away, whether alone or with company
A man riding cycle through the colourful lanes of Latin quarters in Panjim
A man riding cycle through the colourful lanes of Latin quarters in PanjimPicture Courtesy: Rohan Fernandes

Low waste trip

If you are looking for a low waste holiday in India, Goa is a really green choice. It’s well connected by trains with the rest of the country and buses, internally. Taking public transport can help you leave a lower carbon footprint. The residents of the state have car pooling groups on whatsapp, which you can use. There is so much to do outdoors – from trekking to relaxing at the beaches, which means consuming less energy.

A lot of accommodations offer eco-friendly stays, where you can refill your own bottles with filtered drinking water, or borrow a jar.

Ingredients for foods are often sourced locally, putting less load on certain resources.

There is also a system in place for waste segregation and management. All you have to do is dispose of it after cleaning in the right place.

A man riding cycle through the colourful lanes of Latin quarters in Panjim
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Hear lesser-known stories

This state, which has had a strong Portuguese influence, has a rich history to share. Whether it’s through museums, walking tours or even electric bicycle rides, there are many ways to learn about history. Even short ones, of just an hour or two, will give you so much background.

Start the trip with at least one of these so that you understand what you see on your own after, better. A trip without hearing these stories is a trip incomplete!

Go back in time

Did you ever wish you could stay in one of those stunning, large houses which you may have passed by on your previous trips? Well, you can actually do it as many have been converted into hotels and guesthouses.

If you’re on a budget or travelling solo, you can stay in hostels that have the same setting. It will take you back, in vibes, by at least a hundred to 400 years. It’s an experience you do not want to miss.

The Ballroom of the Braganza House
The Ballroom of the Braganza House Picture Courtesy: Venita Gomes

Food inclusivity

While Goa may have appeared as more of a hub for non-vegetarian food in the past, it doesn't hold true anymore. There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans apart from those with special dietary needs like gluten or lactose-free.

In fact, so many local delicacies are now available in these forms. Shravan being big here, many original dishes are also vegetarian and as good.

A man riding cycle through the colourful lanes of Latin quarters in Panjim
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Flea market haul

After being on the low during the monsoons, the flea markets are back for this new season. It’s the one stop to discover local art, handmade items and support artists. There are so many of them that they even take place on weekdays. You will find few on Thursday and then more Friday onwards.

You will find them starting first thing before noon, or around when the sun’s going down and stretching all the way until the wee hours of dawn. And, you will find them at the famous hilltop and quaint little cafés.

(Heena Shah is an avid traveller and covers topics such as sustainable travel and lifestyle. Got comments, suggestions? Contact:

A man riding cycle through the colourful lanes of Latin quarters in Panjim
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