Rambo Circus was back in Goa after 22 years
Rambo Circus was back in Goa after 22 yearsGomantak Times

Rambo Circus in Goa: They came, they charmed, they went away!

With Rambo Circus returning to Goa after a gap of 22 long years, it was understandably different in its new avatar

After almost 22 years, ‘Rambo Circus’ was back in Goa last week, but this time around, it made its grand appearance in an auditorium, rather than a makeshift tent in an open space.

To be precise, it was in 1999 when ‘Rambo Circus’ last came to South Goa and entertained the young and the old, in and around Margao. The response from the spectators was so overwhelming that it continued its presence for almost 60 days, with 3-4 shows each day.

Rambo Circus was back in Goa after 22 years
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During that particular period, there were wild animals which were part of several acts, besides entertainment coming in from numerous artistes via acrobatics, gymnastics and aerials.

This time, as the circus arrived just when the monsoon season was in the receding period, the organizers did not want to take any risk and preferred to entertain the crowd in the Ravindra Bhavan auditorium. In all, there were 10 shows scheduled for three consecutive days.

There were, altogether, 22 acts presented on stage at each show and they included acrobats, aerials, ladder balance, aerial hoop, jugglers, roller squatting, steel walkers, sword balancing and others. As interludes, six jokers would hop and dance, thus, entertaining with their comical stunts.

In 1999, Rambo Circus made its last appearance in South Goa
In 1999, Rambo Circus made its last appearance in South GoaPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


Sujit Velip from Vengurla, Sawantwadi, the mastermind behind ‘Rambo Circus’, said that in 1991, Rambo Circus came into existence and grew over the years in leaps and bounds. “It actually gave birth on January 26, 1999, when my father PT Dilip was the creator and founder. Now, my father has retired, but continues guiding us in every possible way,” he said.

About the creation and existence of Rambo Circus, Velip shared, “In 1999, three circuses, namely ‘Great Oriental’, ‘Arena’ and ‘Victoria’ were merged into one and ‘Rambo Circus’ became a reality. That exercise helped us to grow stronger as manpower increased and everyone worked as one big family.”

This time, Rambo circus was held in an auditorium in Goa, rather than outdoors
This time, Rambo circus was held in an auditorium in Goa, rather than outdoorsPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Apart from staging shows across India, Rambo Circus has also moved globally and it has made its presence felt in the Gulf countries as well for almost five years. “Twelve years ago, Rambo Circus was shifted to the auditorium in Juhu, Mumbai and the response was overwhelming,” Sujit added.

When asked about the feasibility of a circus in a tent or auditorium, Sujit said, “it’s cheaper in a tent and the shows can be carried out for days and weeks together. “But, when you bring a circus on a stage in an auditorium,” he elaborated, “the rentals are expensive, the accommodation of the artistes in hotels is expensive, and you are forced to restrict the shows not beyond three, four days.”

Rambo Circus was back in Goa after 22 years
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Sujit informed that they are a registered company and a member of the World Circus Federation in Monaco. Apart from shows in a tent or auditorium, he said that they also organize online shows, which are beneficial to school children as they can enjoy them in the comfort of their institution or at home.

The organizers informed that those involved in acrobatics are from Manipur as they are well versed in those acts. “Some of the artistes who have been with us since inception, now have their families also involved in various acts and responsibilities,” they disclosed.

Rambo Circus was back in Goa after 22 years
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