Restrictions on the shores of Mandavi and Bhatye during Ganesh Chaturthi

In the past few days, there was a scuffle between the police and the citizens during idol immersion.
Mandvi beach, Ratnagiri
Mandvi beach, Ratnagiri

The shores of Mandavi and Bhatye are crowded every year for idol immersion during Ganesh Chaturthi. To control the spread of  Covid, the local authorities have implemented certain restrictions. 

From Tuesday, September 14 and on September 19, only those who have Ganpati idols on the shores of Mandavi and Bhatye will be allowed to enter. No one else will be allowed to enter the shores except Ganesh immersion, the district collector has ordered.

Gauri-Ganapati Immersion Ceremony is held on a large scale in Ratnagiri. Even on Anant Chaturdashi, there is a large number of Ganpati idol immersions on the shores of Mandavi and Bhatye. Ganesha devotees also flock to these shores in large numbers to witness the immersion in this area.

During the recent immersion in the past few days, a large crowd of Ganesha fans was seen on this shore.

After this, the police started harassing the people without any reason and a fight broke out among the citizens. However, after this incident, the district administration announced new rules for immersion. Entry will be denied to any individual without an idol for immersion on the shores of Mandvi and Bhatye from 14th to 19th September.

Immersion orders

Citizens will be allowed to enter the place of immersion only if there is an idol on 14th and 19th September. No access will be given on Bhatye and Mandvi shores for any reason other than immersion of idols.

For this, prohibition orders have been issued under Section 37 (1) (4), 43 of the Maharashtra Police Act, 1951. Also, this decision has been taken under Section 37 (4) of the Mumbai Police Act, 1951 under sub-section (1).

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