Are there any Konkani Christmas carols in Goa?

Come Christmas, and festive tunes by Boney M, Jim Reeves and other English Christmas classics fill the air. But isn’t there any Konkani Christmas music?
Are there any Konkani carols?

Are there any Konkani carols?

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Think Christmas Carols and a few popular tunes, like Silent Night and Jingle Bells, come to mind. Do Konkani carols ever play in our minds too, considering that we are Goans?

“Well, the popularity of Boney M and Jim Reeves and Pat Boone still overrides any more productions,” mentions Fabian Da Costa, from Manfa Music. Apparently, childhood memories of Christmas with these carols has a lot more flavour and joy at Christmas celebrations today, and have left an undeletable imprint on our minds – so much so that till date, statistics only praise these Christmas classics, especially in Goa.

“These days, music sells, but not original compositions. There was a time when Goans, venturing into music shops, would specifically ask, “Hi original mure”? (Is this original?)’ and then pick up an album. Now, things have changed. Now they say, ‘Hi sovai mure?’ (Is this cheap?) instead. Listening audiences have changed over time,” observes a smiling Fabian, whose production company has been around for about two decades.

“Yes, the demand is definitely for English Christmas carols,” confirms Jenifer Alphonso, from Vibes music store, in Margao. “Among the Konkani Christmas albums, there’s Wilmix-Sharon’s Natalam and Zeemix Trio albums,” she informs regarding popular Christmas Konkani audio sales. Succor de Santa Cruz’ Natalancho Kussvad is a newer entrant.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Some Christmas music albums from Goan musicians</p></div>

Some Christmas music albums from Goan musicians

Gomantak Times

Other recent entrants are Tony Dias and George Gonsalves’ Khuxalbhorit Natalam, informed a sales attendant from Sinari, Panjim.

“In the last decade, Zeemix Trio released 8-plus Christmas albums with new compositions every time as well as inclusions of some popular older ones,” informs Fabian, who has, himself, released several English Christmas audios. Khuxealbhorit Natalam, is the first Konkani Christmas album by eminent singer George Gonsalves, who travels the world spreading Konkani songs and culture. Sadly, the sales of Konkani Xmas albums, in comparison to English Christmas audio sales, leave much to be desired yet.

Apart from Zeemix Trio’s and Wilmix-Sharon’s original Konkani as well as English Christmas carol albums, there’s Lawry Travasso’s Christmas album that also often gets picked up from store shelves at this time of year. Then there’s also JD Music Company from Mumbai with titles – in mp3 and CD format.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Goan opera singer, Oscar Castellino</p></div>

Goan opera singer, Oscar Castellino

COURTESY: fb: Oscar Castellino

Other Konkani Christmas music worth a listen:

· Sobit Natalam by Tony Dias with carols in Konkani & English

· Anondh bhorit Natalam with Friz Love ft. Nerissa & Edwin

· Jezu Zolmola by Shine On The Band

· Merry Christmas with Alfred Rose & Rita Rose

· Mari Matek Ballok Zala by opera singer, Oscar Castellino, along with the Inner Vision Orchestra (the UK’s only blind ensemble)

· Feliz Navidad/Natalam by Gwen Fernandes

· La, La, La… Ballok Zolmola by O’Luv

<div class="paragraphs"><p><em>Jezu Zolmola</em> by Shine On The Band</p></div>

Jezu Zolmola by Shine On The Band

Gomantak Times

You might also like these English carols by Goan musicians:

· Warm Christmas by Remo Fernandes

· A Christmas Song by Akshada Bandekar

· She Called Me On A Christmas Night by Peferd Da Costa

· Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Nadia Rebello & Reiniel Martins

<div class="paragraphs"><p><em>Anondh bhorit</em> Natalam with Friz Love ft. Nerissa &amp; Edwin</p></div>

Anondh bhorit Natalam with Friz Love ft. Nerissa & Edwin

Gomantak Times

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Are there any Konkani carols?</p></div>
Things to do: Singalong of Konkani carols

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