Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Social Worker'

‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem, and is all about – you guessed it – social workers, political ones in particular
‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem
‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de TuemGomantak Times

Francis de Tuem’s latest tiatr, Social Worker, is dedicated to the noted social activist of Goa, the late Fr Bismarque Dias. In this tiatr, Francis tactfully highlights several social issues related to the Goans, at large.

Who are the social workers?, Are there any genuine ones left in Goa? Or are the so-called ‘social workers’ only trying to gain mileage to contest the next elections? — These are the queries made throughout the tiatr in order to enlighten the minds of the viewers and the Goan community.

The writer and director have highlighted several issues related to Goa, which directly affect  Goans. But, whether those sensitive issues, tackled in the tiatr, will bring in enlightenment and prompt Goans to come on the streets and fight against the menace is a big doubt.


In the tiatr, Social Worker, the curtains unveil a scene wherein the Home Minister, Coutinho (Eliterio), is found seated comfortably in his cabin. His PA, Tony (Johnny, is by his side to assist him. In a long queue, guests are seen waiting outside the cabin to put forth their grievances before the minister.

‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem
‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de TuemMario Pires

To show sympathy towards all, the minister does not drive anyone away. Instead, he listens to everyone’s complaints and afflictions and shows willingness to assist all. However, the true colours of the minister come to the fore when each of the visitors part from him.

The minister weighs each of the woes methodically and foresees if they will help him win votes for the next elections. If not, he ignores the complainant, bluntly.

‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem
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At the minister’s door is also an ardent social worker, Rocky (Ulhas Tari). He comes to the minister with several social issues in the hope that the minister will resolve them immediately. And, he sets a deadline for the resolutions, too.

At one point of time, the corrupt minister is caught red-handed accepting a bribe from a contractor (Prashant). A little later, in the minister's absence, his son, Peter (Rosario de Benaulim), handles the grievances of the constituents, but only resulting in molestation and corruption.

Will the minister’s son be booked for such an offense? Or will he go scot-free? What are the repercussions that follow?

A scene from ‘Social Worker’, the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem
A scene from ‘Social Worker’, the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de TuemMario Pires


As a corrupt minister, Eliterio plays a convincing role. He is ably assisted by Rosario de Benaulim and Johnny. There are multiple roles enacted by Prashant, and he handles them all with dedication and ease.

There’s Agusto de Calangute as Gangadar. He belongs to the dhangar tribe and plays his role with perfection, which includes the typical tribal outfit. Xavier Gomes comes in as the aged Sammy.

‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem
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In the role of a lamani, Antonette de Maina fits in well in those shoes, and is apt in her dialogues as well. As a social worker, Ulhas Tari does full justice to his character, and fights tooth and nail each and every issue affecting the Goans.

Vilban and Peter de Arambol extend good support to the main cast.

A scene from ‘Social Worker’, the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem
A scene from ‘Social Worker’, the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de TuemMario Pires


For some laughter moments, comedian Mathew, Jimmy, Rizton and Princey form a comical team and they entertain throughout with some laughter pills.

As usual, Anthony de Ambaji has taken care of the stage sets and Tremson has shouldered the light effects.

For those who enjoy listening to songs, Peter de Arambol steps in for the opening song. Xavier Gomes follows next with a song as a tribute to noted tiatrist, Jose Rod.

‘Social Worker’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Francis de Tuem
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Solos from Rosario de Benaulim, Antonette de Maina, Agusto de Calangute and songs by Agusto de Calangute and Peter de Arambol; and Rosario/ Agusto/ Peter de Arambol; are equally entertaining.

Songs which received ovation from the audience include a political solo by Francis de Tuem and songs by Francis de Tuem/ Antonette de Maina and Xavier/ Peter/ Agusto/ Francis de Tuem.

Music provided by Theo Alvares (trumpet), Alex (saxophone), Benny (keyboard), Franco (bass) and Macmilan (drums) is appealing.

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