Sorginchem Dennem Tum set to storm Goa

New Konkani devotional song is a testament to the power of faith and prayer
A new Konkani devotional song.
A new Konkani devotional song. Photo: Gomantak Times

After the all-time hit Konkani devotional song ‘Utsov Bhangaracho: mog amkam Goenchea Saibacho’ sung by Mark Revlon, which received about 7 lakh views on Youtube, Fr Dominic Carvalho SAC and XRapid Media LLP Productions led by Joviton D’Costa are back with another major project.

Another devotional the song, ‘Sorginchem Dennem Tum’, brings together a talented group of people including, lead actress Daksha Shirodkar, lead actor Yash Karpe, composer and lyricist Pio Agnelo Fernandes, vocalist Mark Revlon, and the creative videography crew Euban Periera and Joson Fernandes, under the direction of Josephfern D’Souza.  

A new Konkani devotional song.
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The song is based on a heartwarming story that showcases the extraordinary power of faith and unwavering determination of a woman who struggled for years to conceive, enduring criticism and ridicule.

She had been unable to conceive for 22 years but now has been blessed with a baby boy through the divine intervention of prayers answered by God.

The song thanks God for the life-changing event and showcases the joy and happiness of the couple.

A new Konkani devotional song.
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The incredible story of the woman’s journey to motherhood serves as a testament to the belief that miracles do happen and prayers are heard. It is a reminder that hope can triumph over despair and that faith can move mountains.

“We are overjoyed to share this miraculous news with the world,” said Fr. Dominic and added, “This story is a beacon of hope for all those struggling with infertility. It demonstrates the extraordinary power of prayer and faith.”

A new Konkani devotional song.
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Through this song, Fr Dominic encourages everyone to celebrate this miracle and to continue believing in the power of prayer, kindness, and empathy, while Mark Revlon’s God-gifted voice will surely touch childless couples, urging them to never give up praying and live in hope.

The song releases on November 4, 2023 on Fr Dominic's YouTube Channel that aims to spread God’s word and highlight Goan artists and professional talent on the digital platform.

Others involved in the production of the song are video team: Edelbert Azaredo, Sheldon Gomes, Joyston Costa, Raj Vishwakarma, Fritz Godinho; makeup artist: Fedora Gomes and video by Foremen Studio.

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