Tiatr Review: ‘8 Dis’

Suspense, laughter and good music are what you’ll find in comedian Selvy’s newest tiatr, '8 Dis', whose main theme is ‘honesty’
 '8 Dis' is the latest tiatr from comedian Selvy’s tiatr,
'8 Dis' is the latest tiatr from comedian Selvy’s tiatr,PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

‘Honesty is the best policy’, goes an age-old saying, and many have been rewarded for practicing the virtue.

Comedian Selvy’s tiatr, 8 Dis, revolves around honesty and deep faith in God. There are three rickshaw drivers, Marcos (Pradeep Naik), Jacob (Selvy) and Santan (Pascoal Rodrigues), who render service at one particular rickshaw stand.

In order to get business and share profits, they all work unitedly and support each other in moments of adversity. Among them, Jacob has the bad habit of gambling. Marcos is an upright man and very honest in his trade.

Devout that he is, with sincere devotion towards Ven Fr Agnelo, Marcos’ elder daughter, Mable (Mita), becomes a nun. She is traced serving in the missions of Uttar Pradesh. His second daughter, Sybil (Cia), is fragile in mind and body and often faints at home.

The third rickshaw driver, Santan, has a daughter, Carolina (Cassy), who is often found disrespecting her father. Due to her rude and arrogant nature, she slams those in contact with her.

As the three rickshaw drivers are engaged in business, Marcos receives the news that there’s persecution in the mission area, and the nuns serving dedicatedly there are the immediate targets. He is upset as his elder daughter is a nun in UP and wouldn’t know her status there.

With the help of Sybil, Marcos tries to get in touch with his nun daughter, but to no avail. He seeks help from his fellow colleagues, but Jacob and Santan refuse to help, for fear of unexpected consequences.

Out of the blue, Sr Mable returns home, thus bringing those tense moments to a halt. But, there is another storm in the family, resulting in immense anxiety and fear.

A scene from the tiatr, ‘8 Dis’
A scene from the tiatr, ‘8 Dis’PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


Comedian Selvy’s tiatr, 8 Dis, carries a good story script, with developments unfolding at every scene. The second half unveils the meaning of ‘8 Dis’. There are moments of nervousness, wrapped with laughter to make up for those tense episodes.


Pradeep Naik, in the lead role, has given his best as far as body language and dialogues are concerned. Pascoal Rodrigues, a versatile actor, and comedian Selvy extend good supporting hand to Naik. The threesome are like brothers in arms on stage.

Among the females, there’s Mita and Cia who are equally good in their acts. The former outshines in her simple role, while the latter stands out as a nun, with befitting costumes.

And there’s a scene or two at the police station, with Pradeep Khandeparkar, Prakash Marathe and comedian Caetan doling out fine performances. Pradeep and Prakash have enough experience from the Marathi dramas staged across and so their acts stand out in tiatr.

 '8 Dis' is the latest tiatr from comedian Selvy’s tiatr,
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Comedian Selvy steps on the stage with Cassy, Myron and Caetan and the foursome make all efforts to tickle the funny bone of the audience. Myron has extended good support to his father when it comes to the duo making all efforts for laughter riot.


Francis makes a grand entry with the opening song and he renders it in style. There are solos from Mita, Myron, Pascoal Rodrigues and Remson. Other songs by Myron, Francis and Remson; Selvy and Myron; and Cassy, Francis and Remson are included in the category of songs. But a song by the father and son receive a good response from the audience.

Anthony de Ambajim steps in to handle the stage sets and the noted lightsman, Ratna, has done an excellent job with the play of lights on stage. Songs would be incomplete without live music and so Joaquim and Joven have helped with the wind instruments, while Jose has shouldered the responsibility of playing the bass. Jaison on the drums, and Richard on the keyboard make the offstage band complete.

 '8 Dis' is the latest tiatr from comedian Selvy’s tiatr,
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