Tiatr Review: 'Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem'

Comedian Sally’s tiatr ‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’ is the story of modern-day romantic alliances, including a social media friendship gone sour
Tiatr Review: 'Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem'
‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’ is the latest tiatr from Comedian Sally’PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

When friendship via social media surpasses inter-personal relationships, then there is bound to be fear, doubts, break-up and disaster in personal and family life.

A new trend has set in, wherein youngsters seek and go hunting for their life partner through Facebook. Without any prior inquiries made, they get carried away by false tales related and sweet promises made, resulting in instant betrayals after the goal is achieved.

Comedian Sally’s tiatr Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem is an eye-opener for all those involved in relationships through Facebook. While pursuing her further studies in Bangalore, Alisha (Melita) falls in love with Ryan (Jelson), who is unemployed.

A scene from the tiatr ‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’
A scene from the tiatr ‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’ PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

But, back home, nobody is aware of this hard truth. Alisha’s father Borges (Trinidade), who is a businessman, and her only brother Cliff (Victor), who is serving in a private firm, are under the impression that she is successfully following her educational career.

Borges, along with his son, Cliff, makes frantic efforts to get in touch with Alisha, but all pains prove futile. One fine day, Alisha returns home with Ryan unexpectedly, and demands her share of wealth.

Borges is upset, but does not hesitate to part with his property, but on one condition. He wishes never again to get in touch with his daughter.

Alisha departs with Ryan with high hopes to make a new beginning. But, will it be a new innings in life? Will Ryan fulfill his promise made to Alisha on fidelity? Or, will he dump her once his mission is accomplished?

On the other hand, Cliff realizes that his secretary, Sasha, is in love with him. He goes ahead and weds her. So, there’s a new entrant in the family.

Sasha wins the confidence of her father-in-law. But, she warns her husband that if he is found unfaithful to her, she will divorce him instantly.

Over a period of time, after a court marriage, Alisha experiences the bitterness of life with Ryan. In order to get his daily dose of drugs, he tells drug peddler Rocky to part with Alisha.

In a trifle, Alisha manages to flee from the clutches of Rocky and Ryan and reaches Goa. But will she find an entry in her father’s house? Will her brother help her to forget the past and make a new beginning?

‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’ is the latest tiatr from Comedian Sally’
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There's plenty of drama and comedy in the tiatr ‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’
There's plenty of drama and comedy in the tiatr ‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’ PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


Trinidade has given a fine performance as the father, while Melita and Victor shoulder their responsibilities well as siblings. Jelson doles out the villain role satisfactorily. Mario, as the drug peddler, extends good backing to the main cast.

Comedian Sally along with his daughter, Semenca, and Aveena, Evaristo de Arambol and Mario entertain the audience with a good dose of comedy. Different episodes are well-presented, resulting in a laughter riot from the viewers.

Of all the comedians, Semenca draws the attention of tiatr lovers instantly. And, her body language with instant dialogue delivery assures that she has a bright future in tiatrs.

and political songs. The political songs by Saby de Divar and Aveena, Sally and Saby de Divar are worth listening to and they receive a good response from the viewers.

To make all songs worth listening to, Anthony de Velim and his son, Miles, on the first and second trumpet respectively, Sheldon on the bass, Francis on the drums and Sheldon on the keyboard provide good live music. There’s Dinesh on the lighting, handling it effectively.

‘Mhaka Ghoddlam Tem’ is the latest tiatr from Comedian Sally’
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