Tiatr Review: 'Doiall'

John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall,’ is the story of a man, who chucks out his successful business in order to make his wife happy. Watch the tiatr to find out what happens next…
A scene from John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall’
A scene from John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall’Gomantak Times

As the dictum goes ‘Kindness always pays’, comedian John D’Silva’s tiatr, Doiall, revolves around it. However kind you may be towards others, backstabbing will always be there and follow you. But, it should not lead to discouragement and withdrawal. Instead, your kindness should continue for peace of mind and heart.

Over the years, comedian John D’Silva has always worked on good tiatr scripts, appealing presentation on stage and a message for the audience at the end of the tiatr. This time around, he did work on a tiatr, but in order to avail of the scheme of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG), he converted his presentation into a non-stop show, with only cantos and no songs.

You will see some fine performances in John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall’
You will see some fine performances in John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall’PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


John D’Silva’s non-stop tiatr, Doiall, revolves around Peter (Peter de Pedda), who is in the business of selling vada pao. Although it is a small business, he is content with the trade and prospers in his earnings due to the good service provided to his regular customers.

Among those routine and daily customers, there’s Aloma (Aloma), who is taken up by Peter’s simplicity and honesty at work. Along with her friend Makency (Makency), she tries to win him over and wishes to make him her life partner.

After a brief interaction and encounter, Peter and Aloma tie the knot, with the blessings of Aloma’s father (Anthony San). As there is nobody in Peter’s family, he puts up in Aloma’s house.

A scene from John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall’
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Impressed by Peter’s tricks of the trade, Aloma too wishes to venture into her own business, but needs financial assistance. Her husband is willing to go out of his way to assist.

Peter sells off his vehicle and assists Aloma financially.

Aloma progresses in her business and gets many clients. She scales greater heights and wins fame and name. But, to avoid humiliation, she demands that Peter quit his business of selling vada pao.

Peter obliges at the request of his wife. But, he does not foresee its consequences. Will he get the required financial assistance from his wife? Or, will he be left high and dry?

A scene from John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall’
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All the artistes gave a fine performance on stage. In the main cast, Peter de Pedda, Aloma and Anthony San have done justice to their respective roles. Benny steps in and does well in his negative character. But, Ivon steals the show as an insane character. His dialogues are witty and entertain the audience.

In the comedy scenes, there’s comedian John D’Silva, accompanied by Kenny and Mathew. They come together for some good laughter pills.

‘Doiall’ is John D’Silva’s latest tiatr
‘Doiall’ is John D’Silva’s latest tiatrPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

As the presentation is a non-stop show, it did not carry any songs in between the acts. Instead, there was the opening song, followed by 13 cantos, which is a must in a non-stop presentation.

To give a good backing to all the cantos presented on stage, Christo and Megan on first and second trumpet, Seban on the bass, Royd on the drums and Ally on the keyboard assisted the live band offstage. There was perfect co-ordination among them.

Pedru Santan and Rojols took good care of the stage sets and light effects, respectively. They were at their best in the execution.

A scene from John D’Silva’s tiatr, ‘Doiall’
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