Tiatr review: 'Hem Oxench Choltolem?'

Roseferns latest tiatr ‘Hem Oxench Choltolem?’ revolves around the ecological destruction of Goa
Roseferns’ 102nd production is called 'Hem Oxench Choltolem?'
Roseferns’ 102nd production is called 'Hem Oxench Choltolem?'Gomantak Times

Roseferns’ 102nd production, Hem Oxench Choltolem? is a reflection of what is left of Goa. It throws light on the vast destruction of Goa via coal transportation, double tracking, Mhadei diversion and several other issues.

The director has made great efforts to also look at some of those corrupt politicians involved in the destruction of Goa by converting and selling hills, fields. And, at the end, he also provides a valuable solution of saving what is little that’s left behind.


Antonio Faleiro (Roseferns) is a retired teacher, who puts up with his married daughter, Valeny (Candida), and son, Roy (Jaison), who is a police officer. But Roy, unlike his honest father, tries to extend all support to the corrupt politician’s son, Roger de Gama (Benzer), with personal gains.

Valeny is all excited as her hubby, Rio, is returning from America after several years. On his return home for good, Valeny wishes that her husband would get himself involved in social work. Roger gets to know about Rio’s arrival and foresees his presence in Goa as a big threat. Consequently, he hires Joaquim (Peter), a taxi driver and kills him on his way back home from the airport.

A scene from Roseferns’ latest tiatr, 'Hem Oxench Choltolem?'
A scene from Roseferns’ latest tiatr, 'Hem Oxench Choltolem?' Mario Pires

With one thorn away from his life, Roger now plans to contest the forthcoming elections. After the untimely death of his son-in-law, Antonio sees his daughter Valeny as the best candidate to contest the elections and stand as an opponent to Roger.

Roger is upset and fears that Valeny could probably be a winner and convinces Roy to tell his sister to withdraw from the elections. He is willing to pay any amount to Valeny for her immediate withdrawal.

But, will Valeny fall prey to Roger’s cheap offering? Will she withdraw from contesting the elections? Finally, who wins the elections? And, who is the winner and the loser?


The artistes on stage, who are in different roles, have given excellent performances. Benzer, as the corrupt politician, stands out from the rest. Candida, Joylita, Jaison and Ramson have extended good support to the main cast. Peter de Benaulim plays a convincing role as a taxi driver.

To tickle the funny bone of the audience, there is the emperor of the Konkani stage, John D’Silva and along with him are Meena, Agnelo, Steven and Juvenile to entertain to the maximum. In between there are also some exaggerated acts which could have been avoided. Meena Goes blends well in the comic acts.

As far as songs are concerned, Ramson comes in for the opening song and he renders it in style. Soon after, Tony de Ribandar steps in with a solo, which is a tribute to the late Jaju. Solos follow from Roseferns and Joylita. There is also a political song from Saby de Divar and a trio by Peter, Saby de Divar and Ramson, which receive encores.

There are songs by Agnelo and Steven, Jaison and Meena, and Benzer and Candida. The band composed of Alloy (trumpet), Jayne (saxophone), Ensly (bass), Josely (keyboard) and Ivo (drums) has provided good music. 

The stage sets have been done by Anthony de Ambajim with Steven and Juvenile as stage managers, while and Tremson has handled the lights effects diligently.

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