Goa tiatr review: 'Kanni Nhoi, Ghoddnni'

‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’, the latest tiatr from Irineu Gonsalves, is a story of young love and ego
‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’ is the latest tiatr from Irineu Gonsalves
‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’ is the latest tiatr from Irineu GonsalvesGomantak Times

Verna-based Irineu Gonsalves’ 9th production on the Konkani stage, Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni, is a story based on egoism. It is a tale of suspense revolving around teen love. Ego that prevails among the members of a band results in a breakup, followed by the destruction of love and the breakup of the family as a whole.

Sometimes ego can destroy an individual’s life, relationship with others can turn sour, and it can also affect professional and family lives, resulting in the destruction of trust and confidence.

The director has taken great pains to depict this in his drama – that the ego of a person can do more harm than good to oneself and others, as well, and this truth is beautifully presented in the tiatr, Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni.


Willy, Franky, Frazer and Alijoy are professional musicians and belong to the band ‘Beat 5’. Scully is the crooner, who assists her colleagues as and when required. Willy heads the band, and all along, there have been successful shows with him as the leader.

The only drawback of the band leader is that he is an alcoholic and a drug addict as well. He cannot do away with these vices.

‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’ is the latest tiatr from Irineu Gonsalves
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Taking note of the setback that Willy has, one of the band members tries to take advantage of the situation. In one of the performances, Scully collapses unexpectedly during the show. Without any second thought, she doubts Willy and presumes that he has deliberately drugged her.

Unable to take it anymore, Scully decides to desert the band and Willy as well. Scully finally decides to put her foot down and returns to her father in the village. At this instant decision of Scully, Willy feels upset and depressed. Will he be able to take up more shows without Scully? To give vent to his hurt feelings, he gets more addicted to alcohol.

Willy’s parents, Cyril and Ofelia, although ill, try to pacify him. But, he fails to get convinced.

Shenaya comes along to help Willy in his dealings with the film industry, where he finds a quick entry. Willy’s parents are of the opinion that Shenaya will help Willy come out of his depression.

As Willy tastes success in films as a musician, will he be able to forget his first love, Scully? And, will he show inclination towards Shenaya? Who had drugged Scully and why? Will teenage love turn into a lifetime commitment? How do lovebirds unite for life?


Willy Silveira and Scully have given fine performances on stage. They are assisted by Shenaya, Franky Gonsalves, Cyril, Ofelia and Aleixin. Frazer and Alijoy do justice to their roles as the band members. Peter comes along as a priest and plays his role with ease.

A scene from ‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’, the latest tiatr from Irineu Gonsalves
A scene from ‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’, the latest tiatr from Irineu GonsalvesMario Pires

But, the clash between Willy Silveira and Franky Gonsalves due to ego problems is worth the watch on stage.

Child artiste, Aliva, equally displays ample talent on stage and receives appreciation from tiatr lovers.

There’s comedian John D’Silva, Ambe, Ben Evangelisto and Dorothy who come together for some lighter moments and people appreciate the laughter pills provided by them.

For those who enjoy live songs on stage, there is Willy-Scully, Shenaya-Alijoy, Ofelia-Frazer with the introductory song.

‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’ is the latest tiatr from Irineu Gonsalves
‘Kanni Nhoi Ghoddnni’ is the latest tiatr from Irineu GonsalvesMario Pires

There are also good solos coming from Marcus Vaz, Saby de Divar, Benny de Aldona and Shenaya. Songs by Ben Evangelisto and Scully; Aleixin and Frazer and Benny; Marcus Vaz and Alijoy; are equally appealing to the ears. There’s another song from Shenaya, Dorothy, Alijoy and Aleixin and two songs by Olga and Anil/Olga receive thunderous applause from the audience.

The six melodious cantos wrapped in the tiatr, including the opening song, are penned by Peter Camilo from Britona, and the singers do justice to the renditions. The band members offstage, namely Senon (first trumpet), Nolvert (second trumpet), James (keyboard), Canon (bass), John de Madel (drums) have done full justice to the live music.

Besides good acting from the artistes selected by the director, you will also enjoy good scenes on stage, which enhances the entire presentation. It’s a tiatr not to be missed with your family.

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