Tiatr Review: ‘Nimnne Zage’

What is life, but fleeting moments of happiness, strung together on a necklace of despair?, said bestselling author, Marian Keyes. And, that's a thought that will resonate with audiences watching the tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’
A scene from the tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’
A scene from the tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Amassing wealth and seeking power will not ensure you a ticket to eternal bliss. Everything you own on earth will be left behind and your good deeds will be the basis of your final reward.

Jose Mascarenhas’ tiatr, Nimnne Zage, revolves around a family story wherein pride takes centrestage. And, it’s ultimately the church and the cemetery, the two final destinations, that every Catholic faithful has to tread after death.

The tiatr, Nimnne Zage, carries an interesting tale of a widowed woman (Annie de Colvale) and her two sons, Jose (Xavier de Maina) and Inas (Luciano). The former is already in love with Elaine (Priscila), while the latter is unemployed.

The tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’, is the story of a widow and her two sons
The tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’, is the story of a widow and her two sonsPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Jose ties the knot with Elaine (Priscila), much against the wish of his mother. Inas is forced into marriage with Felia (Maria), and leaving behind his wife with his mom, he flees to Africa.

After the birth of a son, Elaine loses her husband due to cancer. And now, she has to fend for herself and son single-handedly.

Opposition from the mother-in-law forces the two daughters-in-law to face a lot of humiliation and pain. But, both of them fight against all odds.

After a long period of time, Inas makes an entry home from Africa, much to the surprise of Felia and Priscila.

Will the situation improve at home with Inas’ presence? What sort of treatment does Felia receive at the hands of her husband? Will things work for the betterment of the family?

The tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’, has its light moments
The tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’, has its light momentsPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


The story depicted on the stage is the true life story of the director, Jose Mascarenhas. He claims that way back, the situation was very similar in his family.

The artistes on stage have given their best performances. Annie de Colvale, as the mother, stands out, while she is ably supported by Xavier de Maina, Priscila, Maria, Luciano and Alias. Arlindo Miranda, as the neighbor, makes a cameo appearance, and is convincing.

Comedian Lino along with Selvy Estibeiro, Lanessa, David and Dylan carry a good dose of laughter pills with them on stage.

In the category of songs, the director of the tiatr makes an entry with the opening song and another two solos, filled with vigour and enthusiasm. There are several songs from Xavier de Maina, Olga, Tony de Ribandar, Lino, Priscila and Xavier, a duet by Luciano and Maria.

A scene from the tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’
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A solo by Savannah Mascarenhas, daughter of Xavier de Maina, pays a rich tribute to the late Mario Menezes. She claims that it was Mario Menezes who brought her onto the stage in the children’s tiatr, 100 Percent, and helped showcase her talents.

As usual, the political solo by Olga Vaz received appreciation from the audience and she gets a repeat on stage. So also, a duet by Olga and Anil Pednekar was welcomed by the spectators.

All the songs, rendered on stage, are ably supported by a live band, which has Seby Moraes as the band leader, Francis on the second trumpet, Fevila on the alto saxophone, Mikeias Cruz on the keyboard, Seban on bass and Royd on the drums.

James has handled the stage sets and Romeo has taken care of the light effects offstage.

A scene from the tiatr, ‘Nimnne Zage’
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