To emojis ….thank you for helping us express emotions

Like them or hate them, emojis have become an inseparable part of our lives. Some youngsters from Goa share their thoughts on using emojis to express emotions...
Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji Day
Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji DayGomantak Times


Let's just accept the fact that, with time, we have developed a strong bond and connect with emojis. Be it to communicate our sadness or happiness; emojis have always completed us. And, in times when we fall short of words, emojis have always come to our rescue. Knowingly or unknowingly, they have ended being part of our lives today.

While there are many who reframe and make limited use of emojis when it comes to communicating, there are those who find them to be a blessing, especially in situations where language barriers are a common occurrence.

Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji Day
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Evolution of World Emoji Day

Emojis have evolved with time. From simple smiling, sad and heart emoticons to over a hundred emojis, designed for every occasion, situation and event.

Today, as the World celebrates 'World Emoji Day', GT got in touch with youngsters from Goa to find out how emojis have helped them express, not just their emotions, but also their state of mind and convey messages without words.

Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji Day
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An emoji to define you

"I mostly use the smiling emoji as it helps me show gratitude, and at the same time, light up the mood," says a student of the Government College of Goa, Quepem (GCQ), Maryam.

She adds, “Emojis are definitely a lifesaver in certain conditions. They help in showing my personality better and help me convey my emotions.”

If used correctly, and in the correct context, they can prevent misunderstandings between people, is what Maryam believes.

She has been constantly using emojis, not just to convey her thoughts, but also to bring forth her personality, which is often unseen while communicating through technology.

An emoji to define you
An emoji to define you Gomantak Times

In a land of many languages, be an emoji

Been there, done that. Trust us when we say most of us have been in a situation where we just can't communicate with each other because of language differences, and in times like these, emojis have come to our rescue.

A student, Kaif Shaikh, also feels emojis are here to ease the way we communicate. “When one finds it difficult to explain in words, or another language, they can easily use emojis from the keyboard as it has an emoji for almost everything.”

Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji Day
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Busy or lazy, don't worry emojis have got your back

And, while expressions and emotions are conveyed with the help of emojis, let's just sit back and ponder upon the times when our lifestyles got us busy, and at the same time, lazy. Let's be honest, we didn't really have an option, and so, we just sent an emoji and cut short the conversation.

A student of Carmel College, Nuvem, Fabel Vaz, feels that wasting time sending long texts isn't really viable during busy times, "Although emojis are helpful in expressing emotions through the phone, but for me, it’s really helpful in replying quickly. It saves a lot of time, because instead of typing something, you can simply send the particular emoji of it, and the recipient will easily understand what you mean.”

So, in a way, emojis help you save time, and also get straight to the point!

Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji Day
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In love

Not many of us will say this openly, but, heart, kiss, hug and care emojis are some of the most commonly used ones by youngsters -- whether to thank a classmate who has helped you with notes, or a friend who has reached out when you needed it the most. Using emojis that express love has been a common affair.

"I have seen a lot of my classmates and friends constantly glued to their phones. And, they have this habit of typing or sending hearts on messages or dropping comments on posts. Hearts, love is what we see everyday," says 23-year-old Renuka Gomes (name changed).

She feels that these tiny mediums of expressions will help people bond, while at the same, time bring in the joy of communicating, which is slowly fading away with time.

Emojis that express love.
Emojis that express love.
Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji Day
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In some or the other way, emojis have become an essential part of our journey, and so, on this day, we express our gratitude to them for making communication fun and easy. So, don't forget to grab your phone and send your favourite emoji to your loved ones today.

- With inputs by Venita Gomes

Youngsters communicate their love for emojis on World Emoji Day
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