An aesthetic tribal experience – Totem Goa

Immerse yourself in African and tribal culture through this boutique restaurant and bar that is a sure draw for adventure-seeking nature lovers
Totem in North Goa
Totem in North GoaGomantak Times

"For me, 'Totem' carries a meaning of 'clan or tribe of like-minded people'.  Which also happens here. There are like-minded people who visit Totem and love to spend their time crafting memories for themselves," says Rinaa Shah. Not having seen this theme in Goa before and making her 6-year-old dream come true, here is Rinaa Shah introducing her origination, Totem Goa. 

About Rinaa Shah

The embodiment of inspiration, Rinaa Shah is the first Indian woman polo player. Not only does she own her own polo team, called 'Rinaldi Polo,' but has also established herself as the first female electronic percussionist and DJ in India and Amsterdam.

An absolute perfectionist, Rinaa is someone who has defied convention and has mastered everything she loves, be it sports, fashion, music or business.

Creator of Totem, Rinaa Shah
Creator of Totem, Rinaa Shah
Totem in North Goa
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The boutique restaurant and bar

Rina launched Totem, a boutique restaurant and bar, in 2022.  The theme of the restaurant is an attractive ‘modern-tribal’ and the highlights of it are represented by its green interiors, the 40-foot bar and bespoke cocktails, not forgetting its well-curated menu. 

Spread over 6,000 sqft of Mandrem, Goa, not only does Totem offer acres of nature to embrace the boutique restaurant’s theme, but it also attracts tourists and adventure-loving people who visit Mandrem annually. Personally designed by Rinaa herself, the space has a 40-foot bar and 90 pieces of logs that have been assembled and are all different from each other!

Boutique restaurant and bar, Totem, Goa
Boutique restaurant and bar, Totem, Goa
Totem in North Goa
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A mix of European, Mexican and Continental food!

Totem has a European-style menu with a little bit of Mexican and Continental food added to the mix. Vowing to make a visit to this restaurant more than just a meal, Totem assures its customers a magical experience with unique music and crafted cocktails.

Another exceptional aspect of this eatery is that they have around 20 experimental cocktails that are sugar-free and one-of-a-kind. 

African music and tribal theme

They also focus on providing customers a tremendously entertaining experience by organising 2 to 3 African music and tribal-themed gigs every week. The large seating area includes distinctive wooden couches, benches and tall stools with an animal print for the bar.

Totem, the boutique restaurant in North Goa
Totem, the boutique restaurant in North Goa

"It’s all personal and curated," says Rinaa.  Tribal and African culture was always an inspiration for the interiors of Totem, a means of getting away from city life.

The restaurant area being surrounded by bamboo trees was an additional plus point and a sign that Rinaa was on the right track.

If you want to get away from the city noise and trick your mind into believing that you are dining in a jungle, Totem it is.


WHERE: Mandrem

TIMINGS: 12:30 pm onwards


CONTACT:+9187938 68232

Totem in North Goa
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