Silver lining for the music industry:

Browse through Goan musician Lester Rodrigues and his son Craig’s one-of-a-kind website
Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element. Photo: Lester Rodrigues

The Covid19 pandemic was undoubtedly a deadly one. But in retrospect, if there is one thing that life (post-pandemic) has taught us, it is to always look for a silver lining in every dark cloud.

And, while several dark clouds loomed over our heads, so many small businesses bloomed behind closed doors. One such business is, an online website that was founded by Goan musician Lester Rodrigues and his son Craig in the year 2021.

The website was open to the public only in 2023.
The website was open to the public only in 2023.Photo: Lester Rodrigues

“Sell my gear is a one-of-a-kind, pan-India community platform which was created to buy and sell pre-owned musical equipment, sound and lights for professional and amateur musicians, sound and light equipment business owners and everyone else,” shares Lester, who is also the lead guitarist and vocalist of the popular Goan band A26. 

With more than just musical magic in his hands, Lester has previously worked as a chef with the Taj Group of Hotels and Marriott International.

Today, he strums his way into people’s hearts and is followed by his son Craig, who has a bachelor’s degree in financial analytics and has also embraced his musical genes by performing in his college music band as a guitarist and vocalist. 

Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
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As for how the idea was conceived, “The actual inspiration for the concept of came during the pandemic. The first thing which happened during the pandemic was that musicians, event companies and vendors of sound and light equipment lost their livelihood. There were no events and no public gatherings during that period. Over a discussion on the state of the industry one day, a thought struck us, why not create a platform where people could buy and sell their pre-used gear?” says Lester. was founded in the year 2021. But, the website for the public was launched only in 2023.

Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
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Elaborating on the struggles faced by the music industry during the pandemic, he further adds, “A lot of musicians had older equipment that they had wanted to put up for sale but could not find a buyer. Giving them a platform to buy and sell their equipment would provide them with an additional income as well as allow them to upgrade their equipment if so required.”

While there are several sites that deal with second-hand property, cars and almost everything under the sun, research showed the father-son duo that no platform as such existed for musical instruments.

Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
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Thus, the genuine need in the industry. Lester’s passion for music and Craig’s love for the e-commerce space is what created the perfect synergy and prompted them to take one for the musical team, and the rest is history!

As for how the website functions, “ works on a simple advertisement-based format. Those looking to sell their pre-owned music gear can list it on the website for free with information about the specifications, location and price,” simplifies Craig. 

Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
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“Through the details provided in the list, prospective buyers and sellers can establish direct communication to facilitate seamless transactions and ensure a personalised, trustworthy experience. The platform facilitates the sale of pre-loved musical instruments, sound and lighting gear,” he further adds. 

The only drawback, however, is that they are unable to guarantee the quality of the second-hand products. “We don't directly ensure the quality of second-hand products since we don't physically interact with users. We can't personally inspect or test the items. However, our platform allows sellers to categorise their products based on their condition, providing buyers with important insights,” says Lester.  

Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
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Aside from this, there is also a five-category rating which ranges from excellent to non-functioning. Each category has specific descriptions, like minor scratches for the 'good' category or brand-new items for the 'brand new' category. 

The musician-duo believes that it is best if buyers personally review and assess the instruments before purchasing as the platform facilitates local interactions.

Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
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As for the monetary aspect, is designed to appeal to both buyers and sellers. On the platform, the seller has complete autonomy to set the price, as well as the terms of negotiation, while the buyer gets the opportunity to purchase pre-loved gear at lower-than-store prices.  

Today, they recall how the response from the public was overwhelmingly positive when they first started. “People were excited about SellMyGear’s innovative approach to buying and selling second-hand equipment,” shares Lester. 

Some of the instruments that are currently available on the website are electric guitars, keyboards, saxophones and violins, not forgetting sound and light equipment.

Lester and Craig share more than just similar looks.
Lester and Craig share more than just similar looks. Photo: Lester Rodrigues

“This is a passion project close to our hearts. The day we sold our first product through the website was a big day for us, as we had to wait for a long time till the site was finally operational. As the number of registrations and products on the website increase, it motivates us to spread the word about the site so that we can connect genuine buyers and sellers,” smiles the father-son duo. 

So, if you do find yourself looking to buy or sell musical instruments, don’t hesitate to grab your phone and type in “”, because, who knows, you might just bag a great deal without having to drill a hole in your pocket.  

Craig and Lester Rodrigues in their musical element.
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And as for the founders of this website, it is safe to say that Lester’s passion, Craig’s determination and their added empathy for the music industry have made musicians from all over India smile like never before!   



CONTACT: | +91 9028118200

PRICE RANGE: ₹3000 - ₹50,000 and above

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