Take back happy memories wrapped up in these Goan souvenirs

Here are some cute, budgeted souvenirs that you can gift your friends back home
Souvenirs by Goa Decor
Souvenirs by Goa DecorPhoto: Rohan Fernandes

When one visits Goa, one does not feel like leaving this picturesque state, let’s just agree on that. Now, we all know that we cannot take the entire state back with us, but you can certainly take back a bag full of small, cute souvenirs to remind you of your Goa trip.

There are many things that you can take back when you leave Goa, here are 5 souvenirs you could take with you as a reminder of your trip.

Cute beach keychains
Cute beach keychainsPhoto: Pinterest


Now you are probably wondering keychains are found everywhere, so what's different? Certainly, but these keychains will remind you of Goa. These keychains are tiny bottles filled with a little sand and sea shells or starfish and come in various colours. They are so practical and decorative in nature, and make for a perfect souvenir to gift someone. The price range for these cute keychains is around Rs 50. 

A variety of fridge magnets to choose from
A variety of fridge magnets to choose fromPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


A very prominent item to add to your travel collection is the ‘goa fridge magnets’ which will remind you of all the fun you had on your Goa trip. You get variety of magnets showcasing Goan beaches and life. So save yourself from this rant, ‘Tum Goa gaye aur mera liye kuch nai laaye (You went to Goa, and bought nothing for me) pick a few magnets as souvenirs for your friends. They don’t cost much, starting at a minimum of Rs 100.

Attractive Azulejos coasters
Attractive Azulejos coasters Photo: Roxanne D'silva


There pretty Goa-themed coasters aka Azulejos are attractive to look. Since you either keep these as a show-piece in your showcase or actually use them on your table. You will normally find them in a round shape (can be used as coasters) and square-shaped tiles. Each Azulejos design has a story to tell. Nothing really is more Goan than this. You can find these tiles or coasters around Goa in many souvenir stores. These are priced, ranging from Rs 100 and above.

Fascinating seashell curtains
Fascinating seashell curtains


Goa and beaches always go hand in glove, just like beaches and shells. Seashell craft in Goa is a very fascinating art. It dates back to the Portuguese era and since then has stuck around. You get various artifacts created from seashells such as seashell jewellery, mirror with seashell frames, lampshade, seashell curtains and ashtrays.

Souvenirs by Goa Decor
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You can also purchase loose seashells and get creative by making your DIY bracelets, jewellery or even showpieces. You can find these items in souvenir stores in Panjim and along the beach belt anywhere in Goa. The price range for seashell articles varies depending on the item size.

Interesting and creative pottery items
Interesting and creative pottery items Photo: Rohan Fernandes


To get your hand on some interesting pottery items, you can visit the famous Mapusa market. You can find cute tiny pottery items like incense stick holders, piggy banks locally (known as miller in the local language) and colourful hand-painted pots (called budkule) which are used as decorative items.

Souvenirs by Goa Decor
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You can also get diyas, lampshades, cooking pots and quirky terracotta items. These items make for a cultural souvenir that you will be gifting someone. So this time when you head back home, don’t forget to think out of the box and take home something different and unique as a souvenir. Goa has a lot to offer.

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