3 things you'll love to do in Old Goa

Here are some fun things to do in Old Goa, besides checking out the churches in the UNESCO World Heritage site
Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa
Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old GoaPicture Courtesy: Rohan Fernandes

Old Goa is a treasure trove of history and heritage, with churches that date back to the 16th and 17th century. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, many tourists and travellers come here to admire the beauty and history of the place.

If you're one of those people who'd want to explore Old Goa beyond its churches, then here are some things to add to your bucket list.

Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa
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Besides the churches of Old Goa, there are many museums which have interesting tales and stories to narrate.

The Museum of Christian Art (MoCA) is located on Holy Hill, in Old Goa. Located within the premises of the 17th century Convent of Santa Monica, it contains collections dating back to the 16th century. These works bear Portuguese influences and were created by skilled local craftsmen in different styles. The many galleries of the museum give an insight into Christian art and history.

The Archaeological Museum of Goa is another museum that holds a key into Goa's past. Run by the ASI, it is located in the Old Goa complex near Se Cathedral, and contains plenty of artifacts that date back several centuries. Besides that, you get a glimpse of the viceroys who ruled Goa during the colonial period. The museum also gives an insight into the navigation and tools used by the Portuguese sailors at that time.

Museum of Christian Art
Museum of Christian Art
Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa
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Old Goa is located on the banks of the River Mandovi. At one point in time, this river was an important route for traders, and all kinds of merchant ships would dock at Old Goa since it was an important trading hub.

If you're done exploring the churches and other attractions in Old Goa, and want to just unwind or spend time by yourself, then you can head to the Viceroys Arch which is located close to the river.

Simply sit back and relax; or go on a ferry ride that takes you to the island of Divar in the neighbourhood. This is a most interesting journey as there are no bridges in Old Goa, and so, one can hop on the ferry and take a ride to the opposite bank.

Also, the island of Divar is brimming with greenery and beauty, which means you can definitely get a glimpse of 'Goa beyond beaches' here!

Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa
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Adlem Goi, in Old Goa, is one of those places that offers delicious local food. If you love trying out local cuisine, don't forget to sample the Goan food at this restaurant in Old Goa.

Besides that, there are other food joints such as Ratnasagar Family Restaurant & Bar, Sanman Restaurant & Bar, White Pepper Multicusine Restaurant & Bar, etc in Old Goa, all of which are worth trying for their delectable local flavours.

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