Done with beaches? Now take a kayak trip in Goa

If you’ve visited the beaches, forts and umpteen restaurants in Goa, and are looking for something different, then kayaking in the backwaters of Goa, with Aqua Trails Goa, just might float your boat
Done with beaches? Now take a kayak trip in Goa
Kayaking in the backwaters of GoaGomantak Times

Routines and schedules often frustrate people, as they seek an escape from their monotonous lifestyle, a trip to Goa is a way for some folks to get away from it all!

When a person is planning a vacation, they conduct a Google search to explore the place and the adventures it has to offer. From a trip to the beach to places where a person can dance to their heart’s content, Goa has different avenues where people can unwind. Over the years, plenty of tourists have visited this coastal state for diverse reasons, the image of partying that comes to the minds of many youngsters when the name ‘Goa’ is mentioned in conversations is an example of a some of the joys that visitors experience in Goa.

Kayaking is an activity that will not only let visitors explore the serene areas of Goa, but will also allows them to exercise their muscles while they’re at it.


Aqua Trails Goa was started in 2019 by Chaitanya Kamat, a resident of Majorda. What began as a hobby soon evolved into something significant. Chaitanya was introduced to water bodies when he began to swim professionally at the age of 7, he continues to be interested in water bodies even today.

Along with this inclination towards water, his business was inspired by his surroundings too. Although he lived in a neighbourhood that was close to beautiful, uncontaminated backwaters, he remained oblivious to the same until he discovered it while exploring it on holiday. He observed that trips on a motorable boat wouldn’t be feasible in those waters, and thus settled on leveraging kayaks in such areas.


People who are attracted to serene locations will find a trip with Aqua Trails Goa worth cherishing as it allows people to appreciate the rich ecosystem that the river Sal has to offer.

With Aqua Trails, people can go kayaking in the unseen, unexplored backwaters of Goa and experience the thrilling adventure it has to offer.

As much as people enjoy going on adventures, a section of visitors are also famous for littering the locations that they visit. Due to these concerns, a few locals were afraid that their routines would be affected. The staff of Aqua Trails allayed these fears by collecting the garbage along the route, and organising trips to clean up the water. Eventually, when the residents saw the efforts made by the staff of Aqua Trails in maintaining the pristine condition of the water bodies, they allowed the company to go ahead with their tourism activities.

The mastermind of Aqua Trails Goa understands that animals don’t appreciate it when there’s an invasion on their homes, he conducts his business accordingly to minimise the noise and intrusion on the homes of fauna. He doesn’t entertain bulk tours; the maximum capacity which the business accommodates is 8-10 people. The charges for the tour varies from Rs 1,700-2,000 depending on the guests involved, the location and additional requirements by the guests, such as photography requests.

Apart from this venture, Chaitanya has also taken over his family business, Zuari Structural works. His schedule becomes hectic when he has a trip in the morning. Even in such a scenario, he balances his schedule by going to work after the morning trip, and then returning again in the evening to conduct the trip. He still carries on despite his hectic schedule due to his enthusiasm for Aqua Trails Goa.

TOUR RATES: ₹ 1,700-2,000

LOCATION: Near Waters Edge Hotel, Dongrim, Nuvem

CONTACT: +91 8007335210

Kayaking in the backwaters of Goa
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