Stay safe during waterfall treks in Goa, this monsoon

Tread cautiously on jungle trails which are wet and slippery during the rains
Being amidst nature has its own charm
Being amidst nature has its own charmGomantak Times

Goa has always been known for its scenic beaches and nightlife. However, it is equally known for its thrills in the rainy season. In the monsoon, the whole of Goa covers itself with a canopy of dense greenery and the sound of raindrops is like music to the ears.

Monsoon is considered an off-season in Goa, but don't be mistaken. The season is a green calling for nature lovers who come to Goa to occupy their green spaces. There are a number of activities like trekking and white water rafting that one can indulge in.

Being amidst nature has its own charm, but one has to be careful while exploring nature, especially while at the waterfalls that are a big attraction in Goa's monsoon.

Hidden dangers one should be aware
Hidden dangers one should be awarePhoto: Rohan Fernandes


An avid trekker and founder of Off Trail Adventures, Bianca Dias, says, “Being aware, alert and having knowledge about things that can and will go wrong are the most important things to keep in mind.” While trekking, focus on your foothold and avoid slippery surfaces, she advises. 

Trekking excites nature lovers who come to Goa to enjoy the wild outdoors. There is no better time to enjoy trekking than during the monsoon season. But, there are hidden dangers that one can face while trekking up to a waterfall. One of the most important things to carry is a first-aid kit to deal with any medical emergencies.

First aid on treks is a must
First aid on treks is a mustPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


Dr Prithvi Amonkar, the founder of Wildtrek Goa, suggests, “Giving instructions and warning participants of the perils of the jungle is important, but carrying a first aid kit is paramount”. Dr Amonkar says he always carries a long rope for crossing gushing streams. 

Water is an inevitable part of trekking in the monsoon, and everyone is always eagerly waiting to reach a waterfall. There are those who let their guard down once at the waterfall after a long trek, while some just want take a plunge in the water.

Bianca Dias, the founder of Off Trail Adventures says, “It’s always good to first check the water levels and keep an eye on the rainfall. If there is heavy rain, the flow of water can increase leading to a flash flood”.

Be cautious of a flash flood
Be cautious of a flash flood


In case trekkers are stuck in a flash flood at a waterfall, then what? Bianca gives us a pro tip, "Always go upstream and never downstream and avoid crossing streams at all costs. Best is to wait it out”.

In the rainy season, the temperatures drop so it is pertinent to keep warm and the misconception is that alcohol is the solution. "That's wrong," says Kim Sabir, founder of Adventure Breaks. “Having trekkers who are even partially intoxicated with alcohol can endanger their own life. Trekking is usually walking through a rolling terrain in the jungle and over ridges. Drinking alcohol is definitely a no-no," he avers.

Keeping track of the weather
Keeping track of the weatherPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


Before planning a trekking trip to a waterfall, it is important to keep track of the weather. Also, it is best to go on treks with an expert guide rather than to venture out on your own.

Kim says, “All the trek leaders are well trained when it comes to keeping track of weather forecast and winds. The guides are experienced and are well aware of local weather conditions”. 

Being amidst nature has its own charm
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“The trek leaders are trained in assessing what weather factors play a determining role in a particular area,” he says and adds, "In case of a trek that involves crossing a river, then close attention is paid to the rainfall pattern till the start of the trek in the morning."

So by now, we know that trekking is not an easy ball game but involves discipline. Definitely enjoy nature and the waterfalls, but watch every step you take. 

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